Hannah Montana Values

Friday, August 30, 2013 (All day)

From where do you draw your values? How much does entertainment influence you?

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[Steve Myers] Miley Cyrus' performance at the MTV Video Awards kind of turned the entertainment world upside down. Some have said that Hannah has left Montana. Of course, Miley Cyrus was the little girl that at one time played the Disney character of Hannah Montana, this kind of all-American cute little girl. And yet her performance this week some have characterized as something totally abrasive, something that was immoral, all kinds of adjectives have been attributed to it. And yet as we look at this scenario, can we really be surprised in the kind of world that we live in?

You know where do we obtain our values? Where does morality come from? Now this isn't an accusation against Miley Cyrus. Instead our world accepts these kinds of things. Our society, even though we say we're a people who believe in God. If you did a survey in America, probably over 90% of the people would say they believe in God. But there's a problem because the point is then, yes we may say we believe in God, but do we really believe God? When it comes to morals, when it comes to our mindset, when it comes to how we look at the world do we really look to God?

There's a wonderful Proverb that should really set the tone for our world view, for our perspective. If you look to Proverbs:2:6 here's what it says, it says: "The Lord gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding."

So if we're really a believing people, we have to look at these kinds of sections from the Bible and say: If I believe in God, I have to have an understanding where does wisdom come from? Where does knowledge come from? Where does morality, where does understanding from? You see it shouldn't come from Hollywood. It shouldn't come from entertainment. It shouldn't come from the mindset of this world, but instead it's got to come from the pages of this word, this word of God.

And so if we say we believe in God, let's make sure we don't get tuned into the ways of this world and this entertainment that surrounds us and invades us. Instead let's look to the word of God and believe God.

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Eric V. Snow

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It's an unpleasant truth, but increasingly over the past 250 years especially, the world's values have increasingly turned against Biblical teachings in the West. Initially, the revolt was mainly confined to intellectuals, certain writers, and academics, such as Voltaire, Karl Marx, Immanuel Kant, Georg Hegel, David Hume, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, John Dewey, etc. Their philosophical, anti-religious beliefs first influenced the relatively few who went to college a hundred and more years ago. But over the past 50 years especially, since roughly 1964, the popular culture has become increasingly de-Christianized. The most fundamental, crudest basics of Christian teaching, such as concerning sexual morality and the definition of marriage, are now being questioned and attacked. So then, when Miley Cyrus attacks so immodestly in order to get attention and to change her "good girl" image in order to make more money and to get more acclaim, it's just the latest example of how our civilization has publicly turned its back increasingly on God's values as found in the Bible. Ultimately, only the Second Coming can reverse this tide wave of increasing corruption.

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