Ban Christmas?

Sunday, December 22, 2013 (All day)

Christmas was not always celebrated in America. Why?

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[Steve Myers] Ban Christmas? Well, did you know that at one time in America Christmas was banned? If you go all the way back to the time of the Puritans you will find some interesting things. In fact, I challenge you. Go back and find out why did the Puritans ignore Christmas? Why did they discourage people from observing Christmas? Check it out.

I challenge you to find out why they didn't celebrate Christmas, and then ask yourself, "Why do I celebrate Christmas? Should I be celebrating Christmas?" Is this a tradition that actually honors God? I hope you'll check it out.

Look at all the reasons why William Bradford and many of the other Puritans did not celebrate Christmas, and compare that to your own practice, and then write us or make comments on this video and let us know what you find and what you find out when you examine what you do. I think you'll find some interesting things.

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allisjames's picture

Back in the day of the Puritans it was not politically correct, or Biblically correct to celebrate a holiday that was pagan. Christmas was being celebrated at the time, but not by everyone, like it is today. It's almost concidered unAmerican not to celebrate it, even though I've heard that our own President does not celebrate it either (unconfirmed). The Puritans were on the right tract. Too bad America gave in and the Catholic church triumphed with this horrible holiday. But the majority of the world is unchristian anyway, so there can be little wonder.


tim_from_pa's picture

Well, considering it's America, I say no to banning it. But true Christians should not observe it as Christ's birthday. Christmas is a worldly holiday, based on paganism. I get a little irritated at those who detest the commercialism and then "want to put Christ back into Christmas" because he was never there to begin with. So, next time they gripe about the commercialism, I say in return, "What did you expect the world to do?" Let them alone, but just be a light to them. They'll get their comeuppance one day if they stay that course.


gauvinj's picture

I long as I can remember I was aware that I was been lied to, by the whole world as far as I could tell. The vast majority of the lies had to do with religion, things like first day worship, Santa Claus, Christmas, Easter bunnies and Easter. Of course I didn't catch on to everything right away and it took some effort and courage to stop being influenced by evil. It took much Bible study to learn all the dos and don'ts and considerable time. After many years I am still learning but now its mostly about freedom.

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