Are the Blood Moons Indicating the End of the World?

Friday, March 21, 2014 (All day)

There is a lot of interest in blood moons and what that might mean in Bible prophecy. What do you need to know?

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[Darris McNeely] Here on Beyond Today , we've been receiving a number of inquiries about the issue of Blood Moons, and whether the upcoming Blood Moons are connected with prophecies about the end of the world, or related at all to Bible prophecy. The short answer to this is "no." Let's talk for a minute about this.

This year especially, on two dates, on April the 15th and then on October 8th, there are going to be special eclipses – what's called a lunar eclipse of the moon – to take place, which will create a phenomenon that is sometimes called a Blood Moon, where the moon looks to be like blood – red like blood. And this happens occasionally when a lunar eclipse takes place where the earth comes in between the moon and the sun, and then the light and the shadow that is cast back upon the earth makes the moon look like it's red and it's therefore called a Blood Moon.

There are four of these that are taking place – two in the year 2015 – 2014, and then two more in the year 2015 – and they will happen to fall upon four of the annual Holy Days that are described within the Bible, the Biblical festivals. And because of this, there's been a great deal of interest, there have been books written, a lot of prophecy buffs are talking about the fact that something significant could happen in the world scene, and they cite past experiences about events that especially have happened in the history of Israel or the Jews.

Now, the question again comes back – does this indicate something that we need to be aware of in regard to Bible prophecy? Well again, the short answer is "no." Many of these have happened throughout the years, without any significant event taking place. These particular ones that are predicted to come – and they will come, because scientists and astronomers can predict when eclipses of any sort take place – when they come, on these particular dates this year, in just a few weeks, actually, and even then next year, they will come – some of them will come in remote places of the earth, where people – most people on the earth will not even be able to see them. And at least two of them will be done – will not even be able to be seen in Jerusalem, which is a focal point of Bible prophecy.

Now, why is this something that people watch? Well, primarily because of two scriptures. The first one is in the book of Joel, chapter 2 and verse 31, where there is a prophecy that talks about the moon turning to blood. It's in Joel:2:31. It says, "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood." Now, that's a supernatural event that is prophesied to take place in the time of the end. Jesus Christ Himself, in Matthew chapter 24, and verse 29, made another comment about heavenly signs that is also significant . And Jesus said, "'Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken'" (Matthew:24:29).

Now, is that what these particular events coming up in this year, 2014, and next year, are referring to specifically in these Bible prophecies? For the third time in this, I will say "no." There are a number of other events that have to take place – one of which is the great tribulation, that is a key event to Bible prophecy, that has not yet begun – before these events, especially in Joel chapter 2, begin to take place.

It's important to watch prophecy. It is important to understand what's taking place in our world. These particular events are supernatural events that will take place, and when they do, all will see them in all parts of the world, and they will be signals of divine intervention – quite different from what we are looking at immediately in front of us this year and next, with these particular Blood Moons, or these lunar eclipses.

So don't get too upset, don't get too concerned about this, but certainly put your nose into the Bible, and do understand the full spectrum of Bible prophecy and what it does tell us about the times and the events in which we live and participate today, and what they do mean about our lives and what we should be learning from them.

That's BT Daily . Join us next time.

Joshua Infantado

Joshua Infantado's picture

Thanks for this BT daily. Actually, I was hoping as well that you would make a comment about the blood moon. I heard a sermon about it and I think you made some great points. :)


Ganngolf's picture

Now you have done it. By going out of your way trying not to stick your neck out and predict have stuck your neck out by predicting that nothing prophetic is going to happen. Why not focus on the obvious good points about the coming tetrad and other solar eclipses. I think God is showing his people who are keeping holy days at the time those "blood" moons occur, that He is putting his stamp of approval of the timing of those days.(UCG has the timing right)
- Mar 20 2015, another Total solar eclipse, this one is showing us the START OF GOD'SNEW YEAR...THE FIRST DAY OF ABIB.....during the NEW MOON. (UCG is right-on in this case also)
These are signs from God about the timing of His Calendar. This should serve to help unite scattered brethren.
Those lunar eclipses(blood moons) can all be viewed from the USA, where the largest number of end time Israelites are living (and I know you know we are also a focal point of "end time" Bible Prophecy). The Jews in Jerusalem will just have to watch it on TV. :)


rick95547's picture

I agree there are prophetic events that take place before Joel:2:31 and Matt:24:29. There are a least 3 events to take place before the Great Tribulation: 1. Wounding of the Beast Rev. 13. 2. Sealing of the 144,000 Rev. 7. 3. Rev:8:5 sign of the beginning of the Trumpets. Matt:24:29 says, Immediately after the Tribulation is the Sun dark and Moon to blood.

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