Lightning Strikes Vatican - What Does This Mean?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 (All day)

Lightning strikes St Peter's Basilica hours after Pope announces his resignation. A heavenly sign?

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[Darris McNeely] Lighting striking Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome just hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would be resigning the papacy and the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. You know, lightning strikes the earth thousands of times every day all over the world. It is rather interesting and that's why it has drawn the attention in just hours after the Pope announced that he's going to resign that something like this takes place. The resignation of a Pope is a very significant event as we've already talked about. There's going to be a great deal of speculation and other questions about various aspects of this whole drama that is once again unfolding within the Catholic Church and in Rome and at Vatican City. I've also seen some contrary headlines as people have noted the Pope has according to one headline wimped out. Another headline even said, "Good riddance," regarding the Pope's resignation because of the problems within the Catholic Church and the inability of not only the Pope but the hierarchy to take care of things.

Catholic theology is interesting because when a Pope is selected, according to Catholic theology, this is the decision of God being revealed through the College of Cardinals, and that Pope is in a sense elected for life. Now we have a Pope resigning. They will select another Pope. You will have a retired Pope and a setting Pope. Which one is God's choice? Interesting questions. I'll leave that for the other people to figure out and they can explain that in itself. Why this has drawn a  lot of interest and perhaps other matters regarding this whole scenario is probably because in Revelation:13:13 it talks about a political and religious figure to come on the scene prior to the coming of Jesus Christ. One of those figures is a religious figure. In verse 13 it says of this individual, "He performs great signs so that he even makes fire come down from heaven and the earth in the sight of men."

And so you've got fire, lightning coming down upon Saint Peter's Basilica. Signs and wonders performed by this particular religious figure that is described in Revelation 13. And so is this part of that? I'm not saying that it is. I'm saying that it's a very interesting picture and it leads to speculation. But the entire drama as it unfolds in the coming weeks is going to be very instructive and very interesting to watch for those who are interested in religion, politics, world history, and certainly Bible prophecy.  We'll be covering a lot more of this in detail as we go along.

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KARS's picture

I missed this happening while surfing the net for world news.
Thanks for the update Mr. McNeely.

Robert Barner

Robert Barner's picture

St. Malachy prophesyed that the next pope elected will be the last and will preside over the
Catholic Church at the end time when Jesus Christ returns and renders his judgment upon it.

Your opinion on this?


Webelieve's picture

Interesting indeed as to the next elected Pope. Praise our Father Yahweh! and our blessed hope, Christ Yeshua. Maranatha!!


Ruth_Serrano's picture

I don't believe the Catholic church is going anywhere except down.
I know that when the new system prevails, this group & followers who don't get wise to their wickedness will perish.
We truly need to read the Bible & study Jehovah's precepts & rules for living a life pleasing to Him.
Learning truth is important so that we are not mislead to believe doctrines & teachings that are not made by God but by the will of men.
This organization has been used by Satan, to mislead God's people in many ways. they are not the only organization just the largest among the groups that exist today.


Babs's picture

God is in charge, so, What goes on on this earth does not go unknown to Him. We are on God Almighty's Time Table, not any humans. World events are occuring as they should & we are instructed to watch and be prepared. It is truely exciting although unnerving to know the temporary horrors that will take place, but, will be intervened by the coming of Christ. What a wonderful future we all have to look forward to when man's rule will be replaced by the Kingdom of God and Christ's rule; bringing Christ's Saints with him to rule with Him. Mankind has a wonderful future ahead, but, will need to be convinced.

Just maybe the present pope developed a conscience and he is being forced to resign by the inner political hierarchy. God only knows outside from what the vatican knows as to why this present pope is resigning.

my personal opinion would be that a lightening strike isn't quite like 'fire from heaven', although, may be a coincidence, or just something of 'a teaser' from a demonic source to work up human imaginations and anxieties. Those demons know full well what is going on and satan knows he has a short time.

why be fearful. If God is for us, who can be against us....

Shawn Young

Shawn Young's picture

I find it very interesting in light of past events. In the book, "Prophecies of Jesus", by JG Matteson (1895),pg 357, is written: "This event was noticed in the New York Tribune as follows:- "The pope had promised the people that the holy virgin would not suffer the Italians to take the holy city, but they took it nevertheless, and the first gun that was fired took off the head of St. Peter's monument..."They also made preparations for a special high mass in one of the chapels of St. Peter, but a flash of lightning struck the building and injured the chapel so that they had to leave it. "But the most remarkable of all was that when the pope would publicly proclaim the doctrine of his infallibility, he had so arranged the time and the throne on which he would sit that the sun just at that moment should shine through a hidden window, and thus suround the head of the pope with a halo of glory, that the people might see how heaven approved of this doctrine. But, lo! when the time came, heavy clouds darkened the sun, strong peals of thunder were heard above the throne, the rain poured down, and a flash of lightning tore asunder the window through which the rays of the sun should shine."

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