What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

Where do dinosaurs fit in the biblical story? Does the fossil record really support evolution—or creation?


Many have wondered about the origin of the dinosaurs and where they fit in the biblical story. The short answer is that much of the physical evidence on the earth points to these creatures having lived on earth before God created mankind.

The record of creation in Genesis 1 and 2, when the Bible introduces man and woman, is the re-creation of a previous world mysteriously destroyed. Because Scripture deals with the story of man and God's purpose for mankind, the Bible does not reveal many details about the earth before the creation of Adam and Eve—including dinosaurs. These chapters relate the origins of the world as we now know it, giving only a brief glimpse into the world that existed before Adam and Eve.

The original Hebrew wording of Genesis:1:1-2 indicates that a considerable time interval could have occurred between the events described in verse 1 and verse 2. See the sidebar "Earth's Age: Does the Bible Indicate a Time Interval Between the First and Second Verses of Genesis?" in our booklet Is the Bible True?

There is no conflict between biblical revelation and genuine science. We recognize that there is much scientific evidence that points to the earth probably being up to several billion years old. In other words, the physical evidence of the earth indicates it was quite old by the time God planted the Garden of Eden and created mankind in it. Therefore there is strong evidence that sometime between that initial creation and the creation of man approximately 6,000 years ago, the dinosaurs roamed the earth.


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Too bad there is hard evedence of "man" inhabiting this planet long before 6000 years ago. More like 100,000 BC for the species Homo sapiens. We can find artifacts made by man in the U.S that are far older than 6000 years. Unless you belive carbon dating is a hoax. Of course we can discuss that too.

Steven Britt

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Hi howie,

You might be interested in some of our articles on the topic of life on earth prior to the creation 6000 years ago. The following article (actually a section from one of our booklets) is a good starting point:



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God made dinosaurs just like he made man. But man is special. He is made in the image of God. Not in a physical sense, but spiritual. For we don't know how God looks like. The only references I know relating to dinosaurs are those of Leviathan and Behemoth. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He stands for all time. We did not have the intelligence in those early days to understand what a dinosaur is even if God himself told us what they are. Well we might, but the information is not important enough in light of man's downfall and God's Great works He has planned for us. If these deep ramblings have no meaning to anyone. Then there is no need to comment.


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Fossil layers indicating "ages of life" are assumed to be deposited in order--notwithstanding the fact that the earth has gone through violent upheavals in eons of time.

Carbon dating theory assumes many constants in order to arrive at an age of samples tested. Since there is no way to measure the constant carbon content, temperatures, and so many other factors for millions of years,assumptions rule. Science has become a "god" unto themselves, and just like traditional religions, NOT subject to question from outside critics.

THEORY (which means "we guess based on what we measure") is taught AS FACT not only in schools, but by scientists in almost every endeavor.


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howiedaherp ... hi

I'm curious what you meant when you said ..."Too bad there is hard evedence of "man" inhabiting this planet long before 6000 years ago."

Why "too bad"?

It sounds like you may be assuming that the bible takes the position that no man lived prior to Adam on the earth?
While the bible doesn't say a lot about what happened prior to Adam ... it actually does imply that humans did exist prior to Adam.

Notice Genesis:1:28 where God tells Adam and Eve to ... "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,". This is Adam he's talking to you realize ... not Noah.

God is clearly telling Adam and Eve to refill (replenish) the earth with humanity. That implies there was a humanity here prior to Adam ... but (unlike with Noah) it evidently all got exterminated. And unlike Noah ... Adam wasn't descended from those that lived before Adam's flood we see described in first verses of Genesis.

So what was it that made you think that Adam was the first human ... and that no humans existed on earth prior to him?

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