What is fasting and why should I do it?

Some call fasting a spiritual discipline. It is often connected with prayer, Bible study and meditation. What is fasting and why does the Bible encourage us to fast?

What is fasting and why should I do it?
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What is fasting?

Unger's Bible Dictionary explains that the word fast in the Bible is from the Hebrew word sum, meaning "to cover" the mouth, or from the Greek word nesteuo , meaning "to abstain." For spiritual purposes, it means to go without eating and drinking (Esther:4:16).

The Day of Atonement—also called "the Fast" (Acts:27:9)—is the only fast day commanded by God (Leviticus:23:27), though other national fast days are mentioned in the Bible. Also, personal fasts are clearly expected of Christ's disciples (Matthew:9:14-15).

We encourage those with health problems to consult a qualified medical practitioner before fasting.

Why do we fast?

The Bible gives examples of God's people occasionally combining fasting with their prayers so as to stir up their zeal and renew their dedication and commitment to Him. King David wrote that he "humbled [him]self with fasting" (Psalm:35:13). Fasting is a means of getting our minds back on the reality that we are not self-sufficient. Fasting helps us realize just how fragile we are and how much we depend on things beyond ourselves.

The Bible records that great men of faith such as Moses, Elijah, Daniel, Paul and Jesus Himself fasted so that they might draw closer to God (Exodus:34:28; 1 Kings:19:8; Daniel:9:3; Daniel:10:2-3; 2 Corinthians:11:27; Matthew:4:2). Jesus knew that His true disciples, once He was no longer there in the flesh with them, at times would need to fast to regain and renew their zeal to serve Him (Mark:2:18-20).

James tells us, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you" (James:4:8). Constant prayer and occasional fasting help us to do this.

We are not to fast to have people feel sorry for us or to think we're pious (Matthew:6:16-18). Isaiah 58 gives both bad and good examples of fasting, contrasting wrong attitudes and actions (Isaiah:58:3-5) with the right approach of outgoing love (Isaiah:58:6-10). Daniel and Nehemiah set the example of having a repentant frame of mind (Daniel:9:3-4; Nehemiah:9:1-2).

You Can Have Living Faith Fasting also helps us learn the lessons of the Day of Atonement : forgiveness, reconciliation to God and the need to resist Satan and pray for the time of his removal (Revelation:20:1-3), which was portrayed in type by the Azazel goat on Atonement (Leviticus:16:20-22).

For more insight, please read our Bible study aid booklet You Can Have Living Faith .


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According to Isaiah 58:5 the true meaning of a fast is one the Lord sees as "an acceptable day to Him."


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i can't wait to start my fast for our Father


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Can somebody tell me where in the Bible when its ok to change how you can change fasting to what you want to. Looks like you and not suppost to eat or drink for three days?

Makani George K...

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Fasting, basically, draws us nearer to God's Glory


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I fasted for 2 days and guess the kind of feeling i have. Aside the physical benefit that i have, i could also see that am really close to Jehovah(God). Fasting truly helps to keep your mind on most important things in life.


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we must fast to get clear answers from GOD about our daily routine and in particular life matters.


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Can anyone please tell me how to fast exactly?


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Can I fast from sun up to sun down while I work 7 am to 3 pm but drink water im so full of pain and I pray but I want to be closer to god and rebuild my personal relationship with him I have made alot of mistakes and for the past 4 years I have been humbling myself but i have trnd to go another way that I dont want to go far as drinking alcohol drugs at times trying to get rid of a pain in my heart from a bad breakup and deaths in my family n im so exhausted from that so im praying but I feel I need to give god more of me i thought one day my sons father n I would be back to gethar again but he dont want it so im praying that I can move on I once was so clse to god I didn't know of this kind of pain and I just want it to go away please if someone understand s what im saying can you comment

Malachi 3_16-18

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Hi lh.com,

The purpose of fasting is to draw closer to God and to humble ourselves (Joel:2:12), so perhaps it would be a more effective fast if you could set aside a period of time which you can devote to God in prayer, study and mediation, uncluttered by your regular work and distractions.

It does not have to be a 24 hour period (which is expected of us on the Day of Atonement, unless we have some serious health problems), and I don’t know your health situation, so I can’t advise whether you drink water or not during your fast. I have sometimes found that missing a single meal while devoting special time to God in prayer and study has been more effective than a longer fast in which I spend hours lying down, trying to make the time go by more quickly. It’s up to you, but these thoughts may help.

L f 67

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I feel your pain.
I've been there, divorced with children lots of pain to the point of wanting to kill myself.
Now I am so happy full of joy after suffering severe depression for many years. I got to such a low point that's when I started crying out to God in repentance and just totally trusted him. I renewed my mind by constantly speaking scripture to myself of Gods Love and kindness towards me. I obeyed Jesus as best I could. I found Christians to connect with , that was an answer to prayer. I received prayer from others.
I trust Jesus with all my heart, he has totally healed my mind, filled me with joy and peace. I Love Jesus so much and just want more of Him and less of me . He is true to His word just trust and obey.
Renew your mind by saying no to your flesh and the devil and say scripture to your self instead.
God loves you so much and wants the best for you.

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