When were the books of the Bible written?

What is the chronological order of the books of the Bible?


Because the date of writing of many books of the Bible is either unknown or difficult to state with certainty, it's difficult to compile a list of the books of the Bible in chronological order. Below we have compiled a list of the books of the Bible in the order that they appear in standard translations and noted next to their names commonly accepted dates for when they were written.

Genesis:1450-1410 B.C.

Exodus:1450-1410 B.C

Leviticus:1450-1410 B.C

Numbers:1450-1410 B.C

Deuteronomy:1450-1410 B.C



Ruth:1375-1050 B.C.

1 Samuel:?

2 Samuel:930 B.C.

1 Kings:?

2 Kings:?

1 Chronicles:430 B.C.

2 Chronicles:430 B.C.

Ezra:450 B.C.

Nehemiah:445-432 B.C.

Esther:483-471 B.C.

Job:2000-1800 B.C.

Psalms:1440-586 B.C.

Proverbs:950 B.C.

Ecclesiastes:935 B.C.

Song of Solomon:950 B.C.

Isaiah:700-680 B.C.

Jeremiah:627-586 B.C.

Lamentations:586 B.C.

Ezekiel:570 B.C.

Daniel:535 B.C.

Hosea:715 B.C.

Joel:835-796 B.C.

Amos:760-750 B.C.

Obadiah:853-841 B.C./627-586 B.C.

Jonah:785-760 B.C.

Micah:742-687 B.C.

Nahum:663-612 B.C.

Habakkuk:612-588 B.C.

Zephaniah:640-621 B.C.

Haggai:520 B.C.

Zechariah:520-480 B.C.

Malachi:430 B.C.


Matthew:A.D. 60-65

Mark:A.D. 55-65

Luke:A.D. 60

John:A.D. 85-90

Acts:A.D. 63-70

Romans:A.D. 57

1 Corinthians:>A.D. 55

2 Corinthians:A.D. 55-57

Galatians:A.D. 49

Ephesians:A.D. 60

Philippians:A.D. 61

Colossians:A.D. 60

1 Thessalonians:A.D. 51

2 Thessalonians:A.D. 51-52

1 Timothy:A.D. 64

2 Timothy:A.D. 66/67

Titus:A.D. 64

Philemon:A.D. 60

Hebrews:A.D. 70 (prior to Jerusalem's destruction in A.D. 70)

James:A.D. 49 (prior to the Jerusalem council of A.D. 50)

1 Peter:A.D. 62-64

2 Peter:A.D. 67

1 John:A.D. 85-90

2 John:A.D. 90

3 John:A.D. 90

Jude:A.D. 65

Revelation:A.D. 95

(Source: Life Application Bible, 1991)

For additional resources and information about your Bible, please read our booklet "How to Understand the Bible" .


amberduran's picture

Is there some sort of reference/citation/ that we got this information from?
I ask in because I was reading Feinburg on Obadiah and he never gave a date...saying it was inconclusive...any thoughts on this?

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