Bible Stories - Profiles of Faith

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Bible stories are for our learning – whether you're an adult or a child, reading about men and women from the Bible can give us insight on how to (or how not to) conduct our lives.

Bible Stories - Profiles of Faith

We've developed a Bible stories series on "Profiles of Faith" that highlights deep insights into the stories of men and women whose stories are included in the Bible and whose lessons can be applied to our lives today.

Abraham: God's Friend

"Son, let's go to the mountaintop and offer a sacrifice to God." Abraham believed his son would be that sacrifice, but Isaac assumed they would sacrifice a lamb. Fully trusting his father, Isaac might have even reached for his father's hand. The touch of his son's hand must have sent shock waves through Abraham's body. Read the rest of this Bible story .

Sarah: A Story of Virtue

Abraham married well, to a beauty named Sarah. She was pretty enough to turn the heads of a pharaoh and a king, who nearly lost their lives for entertaining the thought of taking her into their harems. However, her inner beauty of faith in God far exceeded her outward appearance. Read the rest of this Bible story .

Hezekiah: A Faithful King

Hezekiah ascended the throne when he was only 25. He was one of the best of Judah's kings, a man who passionately pursued pleasing God. Ironically, righteous Hezekiah was born the son of a wicked man. As a youth, Hezekiah turned to God when almost everyone else busied himself satisfying selfish cravings and pursuing evil desires. But when the Assyrians surrounded Jerusalem, would God intervene and come to Judah's aid? Read the rest of this Bible story .

Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego: Faith in God's Will

The powerful guards began binding Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego with ropes, and within seconds they threw the young men into the furnace. One moment they were relatively safe, even held in great esteem as officials in the government of Babylon. The next moment they were brutally tossed headlong into what seemed certain death in an inferno. What went wrong? Read the rest of this Bible story .

Mary and Martha: Lessons From Two Sisters

Jesus and His disciples arrived at the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha about mealtime. It was Martha who invited them in. Nothing is said in the Bible account about the cordial greetings they exchanged, but an important lesson was recorded during that visit that should positively affect us. In a world filled with distractions, the story of Mary and Martha can help you set your life in order. Read the rest of this Bible story .

More Bible stories can be read in our Profiles of Faith series.

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