Prophecies of End-Time Sabbath Observance

Submitted July 31, 2013

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In a prophecy of the end time, Jesus Christ foretold that true Christians would be observing the Sabbath! And in the Bible, the weekly "Sabbath" always means the seventh day of the week.

Christ meant that His followers would still be obeying God's Fourth Commandment to "remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy" (Exodus:20:8). In fact, a Bible definition of true Christians is "those who keep the commandments of God" (Revelation:12:17; Revelation:14:12; see also 1 John:2:3-6).

In Christ's "Olivet prophecy" recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, Jesus' disciples asked Him, "And what will be the sign of Your coming , and of the end of the age" (Matthew:24:3, emphasis added throughout).

Half-way through His answer, He said, "And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath" (Matthew:24:20). Interesting! Why be concerned about the day of the week?

Jesus spoke of growing crises, persecution and "tribulation." Then He said, "But he who endures to the end [remains faithful to Christ] shall be saved" (Matthew:24:13).

In Matthew:24:15, Jesus spoke of a crisis that will be the sign that the "great tribulation" (Matthew:24:21) is about to begin and His followers should immediately flee for their lives (Matthew:24:16-18). To understand the prophecies of these end-time events, please read the free Bible study aids You Can Understand Bible Prophecy and The Middle East in Bible Prophecy .

Because the trip will be exhausting, Jesus warned of the stress on women who are pregnant or who are nursing babies (Matthew:24:19).

Jesus then brings up two needs so important that He urges His followers to be praying about them ahead of time. Mark:13:18 and Matthew:24:20 both record "pray that your flight may not be in winter . "Why? To avoid the prolonged exposure to winter weather.

And Matthew adds these words of Jesus: " or on the Sabbath" (Matthew:24:20). Why? Because His followers will be trying to rest and worship God every Sabbath!

Why would Christ say this if His followers were not going to be Sabbath-keepers?

The Old Testament also has some specific prophecies of God's people observing the Sabbath after Christ returns to earth. See Isaiah:56:1-7; Isaiah:66:15-16, Isaiah:66:18, Isaiah:66:22-23; Ezekiel:46:1, Ezekiel:46:4, Ezekiel:46:12.

Just think: God's Commandment to all humanity was to forever observe His Sabbath. Jesus, the apostles and all the early Christians kept the Sabbath. Jesus foretold that His followers will be keeping the Sabbath in the end time. And Bible prophecy tells us that all people will observe God's Sabbath after Christ's return. Doesn't it make sense that God wants His people to keep the Sabbath right now?

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Webelieve's picture

Shalom. A very inspirational and educational article Bro. Don. I pray peoples will know this. I would only say this in addition, the blood moons begin in April 2014--hallelujah!! Return again Yeshua Messiah- return again!!
And please pray for Jerusalem.
Shalom shalom.

Ken Murray

Ken Murray's picture

Yes, a very good point!

Why indeed would Jesus advise us in these end-times, to pray that our travel to a place of safety and protection, not be on the SABBATH day ...if, as many falsely claim, the Sabbath of God is not necessary to keep, these days?

This verse in Matthew:24:20 really shines the bright light of exposure on those who falsely delude people by such wrong teachings.

The SABBATH is still the important "sign" of the faithful people who worship the true God, as explained in Exodus 31.

Keep up the good work of revealing God's truth in this deceitful end-time age.


semilore's picture

i hope most of my people in Nigeria will know this, as i believe this things are to come o lord let thy kingdom come now the earth has become too old for me i want the new Jerusalem in paradise earth.


wyliefish's picture

Still no focus on believers resting in Jesus' finished work on our behalf. This is the true meaning behind the Sabbath. I grew up in WCG and am sad to see your continued focus on external observances rather than on JESUS.


incredible56's picture

I understand what your trying to say,but it,s a little hard to do when your in a area that is lacking badly for jobs. My wife only gets about 24 hours a week and has to work every other weekend. I get 32 hours a week and i am on a four day on four day off, so with that schedule it moves up one day every time i go back to work, which means i will end up having to work 5 weeks that would contain the days of the Sabbath. Oh yes i forgot to mention i work third shift to. My wife and i are also in our mid fifties which we are finding out is also making it harder for us to get jobs around here. Including part time jobs. So if we were to quit are jobs for the Sabbath there would be no income for us to survive. All we can do is hope the Lord will understand and forgive us. I cannot wait for his return so that this will be made under his rule.


Romans2verse4's picture

Excellent thought on observing the Sabbath....
Exodus:16:23 "This appears to be a reminder to the Israelites of God's Sabbath requirements, and specifically with regard to the collection and preparation of manna. It must be remembered that the Israelites had been in captivity for hundreds of years, and that they had not, during those years, enjoyed the freedom to obey God's Sabbath commands (see Exodus:5:1-5). Now that they were free from Egypt and the restrictions of slavery, they needed to be reminded of their obligations as the children of God. This verse reiterates that the seventh day was set apart by God to be holy.

The Israelites were commanded to rest solemnly. This does not mean that they were to be miserable, but that they were to be strict in their keeping of this period of rest. Even their food preparation was used as an example of God's intent: Other verses show that they were to collect twice as much manna on the previous day. This verse states that they were to do any preparation and cooking of the manna on the previous day. Any leftover, unprepared manna could be left unconsumed until the Sabbath without fear of it rotting (as it did on the other six days of the week). This was a miracle, which proved to the Israelites on a weekly basis that God continued to put His blessing on the Sabbath day. It also clearly revealed to them, after hundreds of years of slavery, which day was God's Sabbath." Let's continue to run the race and not turn back.....

Sabrina Peabody

Sabrina Peabody's picture

Hi wylefish,
If you continue to read the literature throughout this website, you will clearly see that focus is on Jesus and salvation through Him, God the Father, the coming Kingdom of God, building godly character, loving our neighbor as ourself, and becoming Christ-like servants.

Praise God that He sent His only Son to pay the price of our sins. How will you live your life based on that fact? Will you follow what the Bible and God's Word say as best you can (with the Holy Spirit to strengthen you) and live God's way?


jwpatton's picture

Dar We Believe,

Yeshau is not the Hebrew name of Jesus. Yeshua is a Yiddish term developed about 1,000 years ago. Biblical Hebrew would be Jeshua, but nevertheless it is a name for 10 Israelits and one city in Benjamin. It does not refer to Jesus, clearly. Yeshua or Yahshua are Yiddish names. Again, they are not from Biblical Hebrew. I offer this correction in love and for education to never disparage the majestic name of Jesus! :)

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