Christians Who Don't Celebrate Christmas: Here's Why

Why do some Christians not celebrate Christmas? Here are the reasons some gave for kicking the Christmas habit:

Some Christians don't keep Christmas - why?


"I cannot find Christmas in the Bible nor can I find that Jesus Christ told us to observe Christmas. Santa Claus is a lie that some people teach their children every year. For that matter, Christmas is false since it has nothing to do with Christ or His birthday.

"Beyond this, business people, who make most of their income during this time of the year, have increasingly promoted Christmas. Well-meaning people go in debt during Christmas time to give gifts to other people, which in turn motivates other people to give gifts to them. It makes no sense to keep a religious holiday that is not biblical, that Christ never sanctioned, that promotes lying to children, that puts people in debt and that blinds people to what Christ really taught."

—P.A., Georgia

"It is a historical fact that Christmas is not the day or the season when Christ was born. So why observe a day that is a lie? Most people do not want to admit this fact. For example, how does the use of Santa Claus depict the birth of Christ? How does the Christmas tree depict Christ? Celebrating Christmas violates at least the First, Second and Third Commandments of God's Ten Commandments. Observing a pagan holiday is a sin. God condemns the worship of pagan gods.

"The Bible does not command people to observe the birth of Christ as a holiday. This day, Dec. 25, is the date that has been observed for centuries as a pagan holiday in honor of the pagan sun god. God commands those who want to serve Him not to observe pagan holidays or any custom that breaks His holy laws."

—D.S., California

"Our family traditionally celebrated Christmas on Dec. 24. We then followed up with a family day on Dec. 25. One day I had a strong desire to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, which I thought I had been doing up to that point. I met a number of people who were having the same strange experience. We asked ourselves, 'What does God think about Christmas?' 'Are we truly pleasing God?' 'Am I doing something that Jesus did and taught?'

"I began to think of the songs we sang, 'O Tannenbaum' and 'Oh! Christmas Tree.' I had been singing to a tree as though it were alive and had some strange power. We decorated it and placed our gifts below the tree as though the gifts and good feeling emanated from and through the tree.

"I thought about the words to 'Silent Night, Holy Night,' a truly beautiful piece of music. I wondered about shepherds and their flocks in the fields on a lovely evening at the end of December. But this was a contradiction. December was a very cold time of the year and sheep wouldn't be in open fields during that time.

"The Christmas stories about Santa Claus and the shepherds in the fields on Christmas Eve were false. I found out that Jerusalem has rain and cold that time of year and it sometimes snows in the region. Sheep are sheltered in the wintertime, not left out in inclement weather.

"I discovered that the Christmas tree and its ornaments and giving of Christmas gifts come from ancient Roman festivals. I also learned that the Christmas tree represents idolatry, which is an affront to God (Exodus:20:4-5). Jesus Christ never sinned in His life and says we should avoid sin, going against God's will (Hebrews:12:1-4).

"The gifts our children had asked of Santa Claus created a financial burden on us. The lies about Santa Claus and his flying reindeer were misleading our children.

"Also, the Bible tells us it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts:20:35). During Christmas time, I saw little joy in giving and I saw children always expecting to receive. I have come to understand that godly blessings come from carefully obeying God. This is why I don't keep Christmas."

—B.B., Canada

"God tells us to avoid the ways of the ancient pagans. Though modern Christianity observes Christmas, this is where it came from. To be frank, Christmas is a lie. Christmas is a substitute for righteous behavior. It makes people think they are doing good things for God, which somehow does Him service."

—A.H., Australia

"I have heard that Christmas has been around for nearly 4,000 years. If that is true, and I think it is, I do not see any evidence that the early apostolic Church observed Christmas or tried to 'Christianize' a pagan festival that predated Christ's birth.

"It seems clear to me that the apostles and early Church kept the Holy Days recorded in the Old Testament, and there are several Old Testament scriptures that speak about the Holy Days being kept by all people after Christ's return to earth. The Bible is clear that we are to shun paganism and observe the annual Holy Days and the weekly Sabbath day."

—D.N., Oklahoma

"I figure you can't go wrong sticking with what the Bible says and by following the example of Jesus Christ Himself and the apostles and early Church. They never kept Christmas or anything like it. They knew what the Scriptures said about trying to use other religions' practices to worship and honor God. It just doesn't work; God expects better from us.

"It's a shame that most people have never looked into the Bible and history to learn for themselves the true origins of Christmas. It's an eye-opening study, one I started when I was only a teenager. I've learned so much more about what God is all about and what He wants and expects from us since I started relying on His Word rather than human traditions that have no basis in the Bible."

—R.A., Colorado


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You are sooo right about Christmas. the shepards were in the fields. even to this day shepards are not in the fields in winter. Besides we can back up astronomy. Not only that, the shepards in the field went to see a BABY. The maji went to see a YOUNG CHILD in a house. Christmas is the worship of DAGON the fish god's b-day. Easter as well is the pagan god of ester, a fertility god.For dagon's b-day the people would take evergreen type of trees and decorate them and exchange them with each other. It is definitaly not Our Saviour's b-day. Our Lord told us to not to have anything to do with pagan rituals or to practice as they worshiped in any way. We are not even to say thier names.


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This will be our first year not celebrating what we had been falsely celebrating as Christ's birthday. Now that we know the truth it is impossible to have anything to do with this holiday which is not a Holy Day.

It is not going to be easy-"the road is narrow"- we realize that some family members and friends will not understand.


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Even though it is not easy to not keep man's holidays, just be comforted that thousands of people have been in your predicament before and especially that God will see you through it.


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Hey Everyone,

This is going to be my first official year of not celebrating Any pagan day. (X-mas, Easter,valentines day, ect.) I am so completely scared out of my mind. I am 17 yr old Women, so I still live with my Mother of-course. We have had so many arguments over holidays..I have known for a long time about how Un-Godly they actually are. I just never started to care until now.

Please pray for me. God Bless.

Sarah Bizic

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Just sent a prayer up for you EvalovesGodmore. :) It's admirable to take a stand for something you believe in. No need to be scared, God cares for you and will always be there through the "valley of darkness". Place your faith in Him and try to live peaceably with all men (including dear mom)in all ways that don't violate your commitment to God.

hussey123 (not verified)

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Christmas may seem tempting to the eye and ear. People seem happy, generous, full of good humor. Flashing lights decorate many homes. Santa and his reindeer are depicted as ready to fly in snowy front yards or on rooftops, even in the Southern Hemisphere and the tropics, there is no snow in December. **Link removed to comply with comment policy**


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I have been thinking a lot recently about all of this, and about whether or not to celebrate christmas as a christian. I was wondering though, do any of you ever feel like you have put someone off the idea of christianity byt saying you don't celebrate christmas, or greatly offended other christians who do?

Don't you feel that in some ways, beside all the santa and shopping stuff, christmas is perhaps a time to advertise christianity through carol concerts and other outreach events etc.?

Also, what kind of churches (eg. presbetarian, baptist etc.) tend to preach this belief of non-christmas, and follow that (so not doing nativity plays and carol concerts etc.)
Thanks :)


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I cannot finds Christmas in the Bible nor can I discovery that Jesus Christ told us to observe Christmas **Link removed to comply with comment policy**. Santa Claus is a tale that some fly teach their lineup every year.


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I am still observing christmas even to the point of lying esp' to God. I read the Gospel often hardly see the word merry christmas coming out of the Lord's mouth. It is a peace of cake false. I am telling my friend and relative that I going to stop observing these man made holidays. But when I am weak and alone by myself I never stop it is really difficult. I really do need more help. I am happy christmas is not real anymore.


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Perhaps one of the best things you can do is simply pray and ask God to show you the way to go and ask Him to help you to do it, for by our own strength we can do nothing, but with the strength of God alone, we can do everything - even move mountains! I will be praying for you too.
Also, perhaps ask Christian friends or church members to pray for you and encourage you in this.
Keep this verse in mind whenever your stugling, to help you keep your heart, mind and soul fixed on Jesus and His perfect will for your life:

...let us throw off everything that hinders, and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance, the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the authour and perfecter of our faith; who, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross, scorning it's shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:1-2


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Perhaps one of the best things you can do is simply pray and ask God to show you the way to go and ask Him to help you to do it, for by our own strength we can do nothing, but with the strength of God alone, we can do everything - even move mountains! I will be praying for you too.
Also, perhaps ask Christian friends or church members to pray for you and encourage you in this.
Keep this verse in mind whenever you're stuggling, to help you keep your heart, mind and soul fixed on Jesus and His perfect will for your life:

...let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance, the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the authour and perfecter of our faith; who, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross, scorning it's shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:1-2


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For anyone who may Have read my comment I made last year around the same time, I thought you might like to know how life has progressed for me since than!

I am still a crying mess like last yr - now from complete joy!

I was absolutely terrified to stop cerebrating pagan holidays mostly because of the treatment I was receiving on my decision. IT WAS say the least.

Your family life will not be lost. This has been very interesting to see take place, those who truly care about you will make time out of there lives to see you and respect you decision to be a servant to God. (and nothing else)

I want to encourage anyone considering this step in obeying God to do so. It's not easy, but, nothing worth doing ever is.

When it hit me on the head that x-mas and many other holidays wormed there way into the worship of God, I HONESTLY thought my life would be miserable (all the time) for letting them go. Let me tell you, it's NOT. This helped me see God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and every angle of life in a whole different light. This didn't make my life miserable-it gave me a NEW ONE! A better one!

The person I have turned into it's truly like I died and was re-born. I do not care at all about making myself ''appear cool/popular/making myself look good'' Because I care most about what God desires, want he wants of me. And it's all because I am focusing more on God. Selfishness = happiness? Never would have thought that. But, it's true.

God is the creator of everything,The reason I am even blessed to be writing this to you, the reason we live at this moment. When you make the choice to put him 1st, to worship him and only him, to eat, breath, talk, walk, dress, and live, by the commandments of God... You finally have true freedom.

Some advice for anyone who is contemplating this:
It will come down to the choice of what matters more to you: God or x-mas, God or what people might think of you. My advice to you: Pray, and be STRONG because this isn't impossible. You can do this, and it's MORE than worth it!

Give your life entirely over to the God who gave you one. God bless all of you!


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I don't know if anyone addressed your post, sweet sister. If you're still wondering about that I have some thoughts on the matter that may help you.

My boyfriend asked me that-- about using Christmas for the furthering of the Gospel. The thing is, is that it hurts more than helps in the end. Let me explain. God wants us to be obedient to Him with our everything. Being obedient is letting go of our pride and what we think is the way. When we try to use things that are not of Him to glorify Him, it's trying to take matters into our own hands and out of God's (It's a proverbs 14:12 situation: "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death").Christmas has been used for good, but it's also put Christians in a funny predicament.
To put it delicately Christmas is like mixing truth with a lie. Truth+lie= lie/untruth, even half-truth+truth= lie/untruth.
To be blunt God associates embracing anything pagan/unclean/not of Him with prostitution. He calls Israel a harlot when she started embracing practices of other nation's that worshipped false gods (Hosea is a good reference of this). An old roommate was the one that pointed out how it's weird that Christians celebrate a day that MANY people all over the world know is deeply rooted in paganism. One reason the Jews don't see Jesus as the Messiah is because those who claim to be His followers celebrate holidays like x-mas and easter that are rooted in worshipping false gods. So x-mas makes Jesus look bad to those who are familiar with the history of it. It also points away from the days God himself appointed for us to celebrate and meet with Him--The LORD's Feast days. It hurts us because it is disobedience, and as believers, celebrating it fools others into thinking it's ok. God knows that we thought it was good and glorifying to Him and he honors our hearts. But once he makes it known to us that it is not good, it's time to lay down our pride and follow after Him. "He is the Way the Truth and the Life" John14:6.
It's a tough truth to grasp seeing as many of us have had such a strong emotional tie to these days. But in the end it's freedom to let them go and embrace God and His complete truth. I pray that this helps and I suggest learning about His Feast days you won't miss any other days ;) it's furthering the Gospel in His way :D

With love,


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Thank you EvalovesGodMore
You are agreat encouragement. I have in the last week, started making the decision not tp celebrate Christmas. This will be hard as you say, but I kept feeling totally sick at times this week, not from the prospect of not celbrating Christmas but that we have been hoodwinked by Satan. I was expecting an attack at some stage from Satan as he won't let things go easily. It came yesterday -a friend rang me saying I was an idiot to believe in Jesus as the Son of God!
I had mentioned to a friend who said she hated Christmas that it may be because we weren't intended to celebrate it at all. It is so recent that I have decided today not even to go to our churches building project for women - which is a gingerbread making house morning! I can't ever understand why anyone would won't one of these with such a despicable story attached to it. Hansel and Gretel! So I will take your encouragement with me. One thing that made me realise it is right is that I had to give upmy tree decorations that is when I realised it was an idol and I needed to bury them. I feel the freest I have since being born again in 1999 everyday thanking the Lord for Jesus.
IN Christ Sue


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EvaOliver9, I attend both a Messianic Christian Congregation and a Messianic Jewish congregation, and we observe the High Holy Days, no pagan holidays. The Feasts have nothing to do with food, The High Holy Days are actual appointed times with God, appointments that He promises to show up to, and things really happen on these days. I can't wait until the entire body of Christ wakes up and realizes that we have power to go against carnal tradition and take a stand against compromise and the schemes of the enemy! I'm confident that God will stir this conviction all of our hearts, more and more. Our families and friends will soon realize the deception of the enemy and will come out of it. I'm 29 and this is our first year of not celebrating Christmas and I feel so much more encouraged after reading these posts.

Lena J

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I stopped celebrating Christmas because I was enlightened after my visit to Israel in November 2008, plus my reading of the Two Babylons written by Reverend Alexander Hislop in 1853, served to confirm my enlightenment.

Celebration of the birth of the son of the Babylonian queen of heaven on December 25th was the original celebration. It was adopted by the Roman church to appease the pagans in order to grow the Roman church. The Roman church simply added Christ to form Christ-mass. Thus blinding Christians from the truth.

It is a known fact that Messiah Jesus was NOT born on December 25th. So why mix holiness with paganism?

Sadly, the world, including many churches, are blinded by the glamour of the season and the generosity that goes along with it. But this is a ploy of Baal and the once again confuse the masses. It's time for eyes, ears, and hearts to be opened to the truth of God's Word. Paganism and Holiness cannot mix. The Christmas tree and Santa Claus are also in the Paganism category.

Let's remember what Messiah Jesus did on the Cross at Calvary for us!


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Do Not Love the World or the things in the World if any man love the World the love of the Father is not in Him. For all that is in the World, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust with it, but he he that does the will of God abides for ever. 1John 2:15-17 As you can clearly read from these few verses we are told to have nothing to do with the way the world operates and what it teaches. Because it teaches all those things are okay and that the more you do or have of them the more accepted by the world you are. The most important to look at is the start to these verses "FOR ALL THAT IS IN THE WORLD," that includes everything from holidays to the knowledge it teaches in public schools. It goes against God as the supreme being and creator of the universe and everything in it. We just can't single out one thing such as Christmas but we must look at all the things this world says and does that is against the Love Knowledge and Power of Almighty God and his Son and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray that you all examine your lives let nothing take the place of Jesus


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Hello everyone, I am getting baptized by water this sunday by a christian church which I believe all the members celebrate pagan holidays. However Im not a member of the church and I dont believe or celebrate in pagan holidays.They are baptizing anyone who wants to be baptized. So my question is, because this church is the one whos doing the baptism, does it mean that I have to sick with this church and their beliefs??

Sabrina Peabody

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Hi MsRodriguez75,

I think just because a church is saying they will baptize you doesn't mean you should get baptized nor does it mean it should be done by them. That being said, baptism is an outward sign of an inward commitment to God and it is also an opportunity for you to repent of all sin and turn to God's way. Of course, you need to know what sin is. Some questions to ask, do you know what sin is? Do you know God's plan for humankind?

God commands us to be baptized and have hands laid upon us to receive the Holy Spirit. I do NOT think this should be rushed into. It is a holy covenant, and just like marriage, you should receive counseling about this beforehand.

I hope that helps. I am sure there are some other helpful viewpoints about this. The best thing is to pray about it and read God's Word to learn God's will. Again, I would also counsel with a minister of God.


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'Then he said to them, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath."' (NIV).

So it is safe to infer Christmas also was 'made for man'.

Christmas is a time for re-setting at the end of a year, a resynchronising of society where we can all just enjoy something together - big, little, homeless, families.

If you see no use in spending it with family then spend your time in volunteering or give the money otherwise on donations.

Sabrina Peabody

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Hi Trevor,

Those acts of spending time together with family, volunteering and charity works are wonderful and truly good!

I would take a look at what the Sabbath is and its purpose. A good link is:
There are many resources that talk about that verse you quoted that I think may be helpful.

Also, who made Christmas a day to celebrate? Is it anywhere said to be a day God says to keep holy in the Bible? From what I can see in history, and you can read this in encyclopedias, it was a pagan celebration that was stamped with Jesus' name.

I admire your giving spirit and hope that others will also seek to do good, at all times of the year!


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My wife and I are at an interesting cross roads in our life. We are still going through the motions on a lot of these holidays as they are tradition and times when the family gathers together. The family aspect has always been my favorite part.

We have a good friend who has really been diving into scripture and studying so many things including Hebrew and the holidays that we celebrate. He has got me somewhat up to speed on some of it, and I am still studying on my own to come to the same conclusion or not.

I would ask that anyone who reads this and may be in a similar conundrum to pray for my wife and me. We want to honor The Father only. We love Him and are seeking Him sincerely in our studies. I am more of a black and white guy, but my wife needs more proof than I have been able to give from the scriptures so far.

Thank you all in advance for any prayers you may send our way. I have also requested some literature from this site to help in my studies.


Malachi 3_16-18

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Hi George,

Certainly I am praying for you and your wife. I am so happy to hear about your desire to learn the truth and to seek to honor and please our Father in heaven. Often it is not easy to follow Him, especially with all the opposition out there. True followers of God are definitely in the minority (Lk. 12:32; Mt. 22:14), but if we seek those things that are truly important, God promises to help us (Mt. 6:33; Lk. 11:9-10; Heb:13:5, last part).

Following God is easier when we can worship Him with others who are truly seeking Him. United Church of God has congregations with caring pastors and encouraging members. You can find the congregation nearest to you by clicking on "About" in the menu on our Home page, and then selecting "Find a Congregation."

Prayers are with you in your exciting venture!


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not sure how to do it yet i know i must. at a bit of a crossroads as i have children spanning different stages of life. non christian christian open eyed christian. we kicked santa to the curb long ago, but the reality of thepollution and mixing of holy and unholy is almost too much to bear. i looooved christmas as a kid and had no real understanding of Jesus, just trees tinsel light music and presents. Each year particularly for the last 5 years this season has slowly but surely lost its luster. i believe it is the grace of God as my walk with the Lord has never been closer and the truth about the deceptions in church and in the world have been made more obvious than ever. just my husband sees it the way many christians do and this makes an already hard thing harder.what do i do? family is expecting to get together. Over the years i have dumped the tree the holly, the lights i am not sure about just leaving them up for the whole winter as a winter thing, they arent up yet though.I am struggling with this cards for a nursing home with carols? What to do?It may end up little by little till i no longer have Anything to do with the holiday. Prayers please thanks

Malachi 3_16-18

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Hi Chesca,

I'm certainly praying for you. Congratulations on already kicking Santa Claus to the curb! Keep at it; it's hard if some of your family still wants you to celebrate Christmas with them, but we need to obey God first (Acts:5:29). You may not be able to stop others in your family from keeping many aspects of Christmas, but if they see your quiet example of not observing ANY of it, in time they may reject it fully too (1 Peter:3:1-4; 1 Peter:2:12).

We must live in this world but not become part of it (Rom:12:2; 2 Cor:6:14-18; John:17:14-16). Some people will give us a hard time for abandoning tradition, but what matters is where we stand with God, now & long term. He will deal with the relatives in His good timing.

Our loving Father isn't against family get-togethers. In fact, He outlines, in His Word, the family-friendly & meaningful Festivals that Christians should keep. For more info. on these special gatherings, check out UCG's free booklet, "Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Keep?"

Hang in there & don't give up! God will reward those who diligently seek Him. Read these encouraging scriptures: 1 Cor:15:58, Gal:6:9, Heb:11:6.

All the best!


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I am so happy I found this website! It is an answer to prayer to read what all of you have written about your struggles and concerns about traditional holidays. I feel so alone sometimes, in the fight for biblical truth among Christians. I feel so blessed that God opened my eyes to the truth. I am grateful that I was accepting of the truth and willing to change. I was raised catholic and all holidays were very important to us. When I became born again in my early thirties I questioned everything. I have continually rethought and changed any practice that God showed me was wrong, against the bible or hindered my faith. It has been a long transition but now I get through it by just continuing to live my life as I normally do. I just pray that God navigates my days through and around all the chaos and still uses me to be a light. If I'm judging others for celebrating then I'm grumpy and not much of a light to others. I pray that others will see the truth. Now I have to tackle Sunday not being "the Lords day" Keeping the Sabbath is biblical for all but few Christians seem to know that...


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That is great news that God has guided you to the truth about Christmas. Really, God is the only one who can take away that veil spiritually (2 Cor:3:14).

I understand what you must be thinking about people who keep xmas, and especially those who know it is pagan and still keep it! But, God will judge those who are outside (1 Cor:5:13), and believe me there is still hope for them! See the UCG booklet Heaven and Hell:

As someone who has not kept xmas for many years, it is better to shine as a light by being respectfully and silently separate from xmas activities at work or school. We can and should share why we don't celebrate xmas, if we are asked, in a short and polite manner, but leave it at that. If God is working with them, they will ask you more questions after.

I wish you all the best in keeping the Sabbath. There are hundreds of UCG congregations around the world that keep the Sabbath (and don't keep xmas) and there might be one close to you!


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I am glad to see others on this interesting journey. Last year we got a tree and didn't decorate it and this year no tree at all. I have been impressed to not celebrate any pagan holidays and to look at the holy feast days in scripture. I am having trouble de-holiday-ing my family (mostly my kids). This year we are taking a trip instead of gift exchange as a diversion. It is not perfect but a start. I agree with what most have said in previous posts and see a trend of people who are seeking God to put away many traditions. I get a bit tickled at people still calling December 25 Jesus' birthdate and they get very defensive at keeping Christ in Christmas. The Lord will reveal the truth to anyone who asks to have "eyes to see and hears to hear". Each day should be lived with a spirit of Christ and giving.


HolyDays's picture

Jeremiah:33:3 (NIV)

'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."

This is a good scripture to pray concerning topics that brings controversy.


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Hello HolyDays,

Congrats on attempting to get rid of xmas in your house! I'm not sure how old your kids are, but one needs to be honest about why they are not keeping xmas anymore and what xmas is really all about. You will need to teach them what the Bible says as well as historical proofs.

I'm sure there are other people on this site who have had to deal with the situation you are currently in, and I hope they will step forward to tell you what they did in their situation.

Best to you!


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@EvaOliver9, great questions, but who would you rather offend people or our Heavenly Father, sometimes people get offended and you're just speaking your beliefs, never intended to offend, they decide to feel offended, would you rather share Christianity with Truth or with lies like a false holiday, there are plenty of churches that don't celebrate Christmas they're just not as popular as other churches


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My husband and I discovered the real meaning of Christmas about 5 or 6 years ago, and gradually we have cut back. We have no Christmas tree now, and have cut back on gifts etc. We attend a Christian church, but we still struggle with whether to attend church on "Christmas Day". The service is centred on the incarnation, and we get to be with other Christians and we sing hymns to the Lord, and we hear His word preached.

The others in church think we are a bit over the top if we don't come along, as it says in His word "forsake not the gathering of the saints", so if we don't talk about the man made traditions of Christmas, and don't celebrate Christmas as such as the world, but attend church is that a bad thing?

We still use the "season" to send cards out, as we send out tracts or a CD sermon at this time, and it seems like a good time of year to be able to use to do this. Does anyone have any comments or can they help me with this dilemma - we live in the UK.

Each year we have struggled with this.


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Thank you so much for this website and Q&A. I have been struggling with this as well. I have spoken to a woman I know that is filled with the Holy Spirit, but still still celebrates Christmas. I have been praying on this question for a long time. Thank you!!!

Pastor Don

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As a "legal" Baptist Minister (now attend ucg), I always taught what was taugh to me in seminary. About 5 years ago I began realizig what I was reading in the Bible, was not what I was taught; nor was teaching. Although I didagree with SDA on whom Jesus is (they say Michael), I received a mailer booklet, that dd not ay whom it was from. I realized that it taught far more truhs, than I was teaching. For awhile, I attended SDA (until I learned the Michael belief). I then searched online and found a number of sabbath belief', that were not SDA. RCG and UCG were two tha I liked most. With both, I believe 99.9% as they do; with UCG winning out. I attended the Medford, OR UCG when living there; but here in Redding,there is no UCG or RCG; so I have to follow onlie, attending Medford's, when I'm there to see my oldest grandson.

As for Christmas.... The Christmas Tree, was put in homes to ward off evil spirits (not by our God either). Santa was of course a lie. Christ's B-Day was more around mine (Sept 25th), than around Dec 25. Stores have made Christmas into a SPEND $$$$$$' AND $$$$$$$'S. What part of Christmas is really Christian, except for Sunday church-goers?


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The Holy Spirit is only given to those who obey God (Acts:5:32).

The prerequisite for receiving the Holy Spirit is to actually be drawn by the Father (John:6:44, 65), and to do what Paul said in Acts:3:38--repent (which means turning away from sin and the traditions of this world to keeping God's law), be baptised and then one receives the Holy Spirit from the laying on of hands (from the hands of a minister of God who keeps His laws and ordinances).

So, I am not trying to put down your friend, but we discern whether one has the Holy Spirit by their obedience to God and the fruits that they bear from obedience.

Always follow God and His word--may you be a light to your friend in doing so!

United Church of God

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Thank you for your question Clarabelle. We’re happy to see God has opened your eyes to the Biblical understanding of Christmas. You asked what you might do about your present situation of partial observance.

A follow up study will help you find a solution. The question now is, “What are the Festivals that God would have us observe?” Go to the Library section and select View All Booklets. You can then read the study aids “God’s Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind” and “Holidays or Holy Days: Does it Matter Which Days We Observe?”

A next thing I had to ask in my spiritual journey was, “where are and with whom are these Festivals observed today?” where there is no conflict in ideologies.

At present, there is most likely a concern for your friends and acquaintances that may tolerate, but not understand your need to pursue Scriptural truth. The question almost all of us had to answer is, “what if my friends can’t or won’t accept our understanding of these Biblical truths?” But, I feel you have already experienced this reaction. The apostle Peter answered this question for us in Acts:5:29, “...we ought to obey God rather than man.”

United Church of God

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When we understand that God will call everyone to the Truth in His time (John:6:44), it makes our decisions easier. We can then accept the reality and move forward with the truth and our obedience to Godly Commands.

Again, all of us have been at this crossroad of decision in our calling and sought to find a Church group near us that did indeed keep God’s Festivals. On the Congregation section, you can also request a location or address of a local United Church of God congregation. This decision is up to you but the information is offered.

If you have additional questions or comments please feel free to contact us at . It has been a pleasure serving you.

United Church of God

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Every person’s walk with God will be personal and individual. It is obvious is that a commitment to follow Jesus Christ involves all facets of life. The Bible tells us that Christians pray, serve others, strive to live by God’s law, attend church services, study the Bible, meditate on what they read, and periodically fast. It is best to have structure in life by planning a regular time for prayer and Bible study. You will find more about a Christian’s calling in our study aid, “Tools for Spiritual Growth” at .

Over time you can find a balance as you seek to develop your own personal relationship with God. Your parents have different convictions with respect to worshipping God. If you will respectfully consider each parent’s practices you may be able to glean some ideas to use in your own Christian walk.

You mentioned going to heaven and at the above web link, you will also find our booklet “Heaven or Hell: What Does the Bible Really Teach?” Careful study of God’s Word reveals that the dead go to the grave, not heaven, and wait for their resurrection. A common Biblical metaphor for death is sleep.

United Church of God

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Soon before his death, Moses was told that he would “sleep with his fathers” (Deuteronomy:31:16). He was not told that he would go to heaven.

During His earthly ministry, Christ stated that “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven” (John:3:13). Later, in speaking of His friend Lazarus who had died, Jesus said that Lazarus was asleep and that He was going to wake him (John:11:11, 14). Christ also taught that the time was coming when all who were in the grave would hear His voice and come forth (John:5:24-29).

Peter said King David was “dead and buried, and his tomb is with us to this day” (Acts:2:29). Those who teach that the saints go to heaven would expect David to go there, yet the Bible says he is in his grave.

Even though Christmas has been part of your life, the time will come when you will need to make your own decision regarding whether or how to observe it. Our study aid “Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Observe” explains the background of the modern Christmas festival.

United Church of God

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Christmas is a counterfeit holiday that does not honor God. If it does not honor God and if it is not commanded in the Bible, why would we observe it at all? Gifts were given to the Christ child -- not each other! Giving to the needy is an honorable deed but why not do it all year long rather than connect it to the time of Christmas?


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My dear brothers! I am glad you discovered the truth about Christmas. Everything that is man made like the different "holy days" (e.g. Christmas or Sunday) or the trinity concept don't have anything to do with the real God. I know, it is sad to discover that we were tricked a big part of our life, but we must all get wise and understand that what is pleasant to the world is not pleasant to God. You should never go with the "world". Yes, I know, it might seem hard at the beginning, the world (society, friends, family) will always try to grab you on its own path, but be wise, it is a path that leads to death. In the end (if you didn't do already) you will learn to not care about what the world is saying and what the world is thinking about you. Remember, the only thing that counts is God, your relation with Him and with his Son, Jesus Christ. Stay away from the "world" temptations, stay away from the sins and try to follow the Jesus's teachings every moment of your life here. Be TRUE Christians, cause only this way we can be SAVED. Trust God and Jesus and follow their words and not the ones of the false teachers. God bless the ones that read my words and understand them.


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If we trace the origin further, it all traces back to the worship of Baal which is also known as Saturnus. Christmas is directly derived from the Saturnalia festival or the festival of Baal. I don't think it's wise to mix the table of idols and the table of the Lord.

Here's the reference:

"Baal-Chewan or the "lord of eternity" was adored at Gaza as Baal-Cheled or the "lord of time". He is the Grecian Kronos and the Roman Saturnus. He is mentioned as Chiun in Amos v.26 and is called Remphan in Acts vii.43, which was, according to the Arabico-Coptic list of the planets one of the names of Saturnus." - Genuine and spurious: a compendious, scriptural and consecutive ..., Volume 2 By John Mühleisen-Arnold, p.46.

We should learn the lesson from the Israelite where they worship Baal and glorify him. Part of his glorification is by observing his festival. It is an abomination so God destroyed the Israelite and scattered them on the face of the planet.

If we read the whole Bible, especially the OT, the primary subject is idolatry.

Ignorance is not an excuse. We should not only read the Bible we should also research about the culture and religious practices of the ancients.


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Wow! I'm so blessed to have come across this website and all of these comments.
Only last week did I really become aware of how wrong Christmas really is. Since I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in 2007 I knew Christmas wasn't right, but I didn't know the depths of how wrong it really is.
I watched a video about God's Appointed Times this past Sunday and it pointed out scriptures that show Christmas is all about paganism.
Jer:10:2-4 talks about the cutting down of a tree and decorating it with silver and gold. And in this chapter God is telling Israel not to worship idols.
After seeing this video, Holy Spirit began to stir something in me, so the following day I looked up more on the subject and found something interesting that I never knew before.
In Rev:2:20, God is talking to the church in Thyatira telling them that though He is pleased with their love and service, etc, He has one thing against them. That they 'tolerate that woman Jezebel..'.
I always thought this meant sexual immorality (which it does mention) but I did some research and found that Jezebel's father (in the OT) worshiped Baal. She practiced idol worship.
God really does want us to rid ourselves of paganism


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To continue.. this blew my mind!! I never really knew all about jezebel or her family history.

Needless to say, I now one to give up Christmas (and all pagan holidays), and I'm so ready and encouraged to do so. But I live with my mom and he's just beginning to really grow in Christ but she's always loved Christmas and she is very firm about some things. So I'm currently praying for a way to bring it up gentlest and praying for her heart to be softened and that she would agree to study why it's wrong and be willing to give it up. But she has so many ornaments that she's bought for me over the years and stuff that I know it may be a huge struggle. I would appreciate as much prayer as possible by anyone who reads :)

Please also be praying that I may share this with friends and church members around me. I know a few who may be open but I'm sure there families will be tough to break as well.

Thanks everyone!
There's SO much deception in this world! And not only with holidays.
Media, the elites, the music industry and movie industry, etc.
Wake up and be aware!!!

Malachi 3_16-18

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Hi Real_4God,

Thank you for sharing your journey in striving to obey God as He shows you the truth about many of this world's unChristian celebrations.

Jesus said it would be challenging at times to follow Him (Acts:14:22), but I believe He and the Father will help you in each step you take to follow them in faith and trust (Heb:13:5-6).

My prayers are with you.


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You are on the right track now. Continue to learn and pray continually. God will help you work things out so that in the long run He will provide you with what is best for you. I added you to my prayer this evening. Most of us know how difficult it is in dealing with loved ones and jobs when trying to follow the truth. Don't give up. God is calling you and He will not fail you. Hebrews:13:5-8
Be strong Deuteronomy:31:6 Be strong and have courage... He will not forsake you. Matthew:19:26 With God all things are possible. I hope to meet you some day attending Sabbath Services. Best wishes.


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Please check out the History Channel's History of Xmas (I don't want to type the Lord's name with that pagan mass so I used the X which I know is the Greek letter for Chi which is Christ in English). You'll be surprised at some of the things you will learn. Xmas used to be against the law. Most people don't know that, nor do they seem to care. It's a real eye opener. I am an Independent Baptist and I and my husband stopped this nonsense over 32 years ago. Our kids are grown and married and have never had an xmas in our house. We taught them the truth about it and Easter and other holidays that are unbiblical. We are the only ones in our church that don't celebrate these things. We don't feel left out, but fortunate to know the truth and shun the pagan thing. We are more than sorry that our church is decked out like a pagan temple this time of year and actually don't attend some of the services because of it. Also, we can't worship in unison when all their heads are full of this evil nonsense. It's very very sad. Mystery Babylon by Ralph Woodrow is an excellent book if you want to learn the origin of all this garbage, and much more. Very enlightening if you're interested in truth.

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