All Are Equal

September 25, 2012

The first woman who lived on earth was named Eve, and she had a husband named Adam.

They were husband and wife and both were given the ability to make choices. Eve could make her own decisions, and so could Adam. When Satan enticed Eve to take the forbidden fruit and touch the forbidden tree, she did not blame Adam. She admitted that the serpent had enticed her and she sinned. Eve carried an equal responsibility with Adam. When God declared the punishment, it was slightly different for Eve than Adam. However, both lost the right to eat of the tree of eternal life.

Paul said that in the Kingdom of God, there is no difference between man and woman—they are equal before God. People of different races, statures and languages also come before God with no differences noted (Galatians:3:28). There are always physical differences among people. Men vary from each other in many ways, and so do women. Of course, they also differ one from another in emotions, appearance and much more. It is in the eyes of God that all are declared equal spiritually and that they therefore carry their own responsibility for their actions. All must strive to please God and grow from the nature of humans into the glorious nature of God (2 Peter:1:4). In His family, there will not be distinctions between male and female.

Lincoln Beck

Lincoln Beck's picture

The statement implies that we are all equal, unfortunately we are not all equal, all have different IQ's, all have different talents all have different perceptions, upbringing, social standings, differing wealth so it goes on and on, even socialists and communists eventually come to the conclusion that some are more equal than others, (animal farm). Perhaps we should point out that we are all equal under the law, and no matter how unequal or different we may appear we should remember that God is no respecter of persons.
Lincoln Beck

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