Always a Place for God

November 27, 2012

In our everyday lives we often pass through a variety of experiences and emotions.

Some are stronger than others, and there are some days that seem bland in comparison to others. We can "turn on a dime" from happy to sad, joyful to depressed, content to painful as we all readily know. The Bible explains that there are times that may last moments, days, weeks or longer, but eventually there is a time for every emotion we can think of (Ecclesiastes:3:1).

An unknown author noted that in every moment, there is a place for God. They wrote: "In happy moments, praise God. In difficult moments, seek God. In quiet moments, worship God. In painful moments, trust God. And in every moment, thank God." There is always a place for God in our lives.


gitterg1's picture

So very,very true So profound

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