Courage Is Action

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December 25, 2012

Many people speak brave words when they are not faced with danger or when they are not facing defeat.

When our best efforts fail, some begin to question God, whose help they have sought. Some get so discouraged that they do not want to make a further effort. To be discouraged is to be shorn of courage. Courage is not solely in the domain of the victor. Victory seems to incite the need to roar in some people.

Sometimes true courage is just a quiet voice at the end of the day or at the finality of the failure of a great effort that says, "I will try again tomorrow." Many deeply courageous people have simply determined that they will try again. Not quitting requires a great deal of courage. The action of courage is not always a loud roar. It can be a still and quiet voice. A righteous man gets up seven times (Proverbs:24:16). When you see a person fall and get up, you have met a person of courage.

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