Victory Without Weapons

October 25, 2012

As the history of Europe unfolds, it has become clear that Germany has risen into prominence and dominance that Adolf Hitler only dreamed of and that he thought could be achieved through war.

Without a shot being fired, the economies of Europe are now being led by a strong and thriving Germany. The nation who controls the wealth controls those who seek financial help. All Europe seems to have fallen into that cycle.

God made a promise to the children of Abraham that they would be the ones to whom the nations would come for financial aid (Deuteronomy:15:6). Their strength lay in obedience to God's law. Germany is not a god-fearing nation. Their strength is a fulfillment of prophecy and the work of God's arch-enemy. What irony must stir in the pens of historians who note the graves of young German warriors who failed to gain control and dominance with the weapons of the blitzkrieg—but whose grandchildren have gained more than would have been imagined without any weapons at all. They achieved victory without war.


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It seems that Germany controls the wealth because they created the wealth. The other countries are in servitude because they have foolishly been spending beyond their means want the Germans to pay for it with no strings attached which is an unreasonable demand. The borrower is a servant of the lender.

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