Jelly learns the 10 Commandments


Jelly learns a valuable lesson about stealing. Teach your kids the 10 Commandments through this fun sing-a-long.


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Jelly Learns the Ten Commandments  mp3

Jelly Learns the Ten Commandments - Instumental mp3

About Jelly learns the 10 Commandments


1   You shall not have other gods before Me.

2   Don’t worship images from heaven or sea.

3   You shall not take the Lord your God’s name in vain,

4   Don’t forget the Sabbath; it is holy not plain.

5   Honor your parents don’t be mean because that’s wrong

    That’s the first half of the song let’s all sing along!

6   You shall-not murder don’t you get that mad

7   Don’t commit adultery; because God says it’s bad.

8   You shall not steal because you know that ain’t yours.

9   You shall not lie; tell the truth, of course.

10 You shall not covet other people’s stuff

Obey the 10 commandments and you’ll show God your love!


Zoe's picture

My kids Lana and Sebastian loves this. they ask if you can please make more of them. we will most certainly teach them this in Sabbath School. oh and Lana my daughter is asking if you can make them longer... :)
thanks for doing something for the kids - i appreciate it...


st's picture

Cool video! I have one daughter and is 10 years old and I'll show her this.


vainquer040505jlt's picture

Thank you so much for that wonderful video. My daughter is one month old and I will play it for her regularly. Those with young children need more UCG educational videos.

Not only is this video beneficial for families, but the overall quality is exceptional in every way!

Great Job!

David L. Nunn

David L. Nunn's picture

That was great.


julinnamarr's picture

That was great! Even though my children are grown, this is something that one never outgrows.
Thank you and hope there will be more.


griffi2002's picture

That was great!!!! I don't have children yet but I will be showing them that video for sure.

Susan Durnil

Susan Durnil's picture

LOVE It! Anything we can do to teach God's way to kids is marvelous. I hope that more videos like this are created - maybe with Mark Graham's "Table of Contents" and some of his other kids' songs.

Jonahtan Alvara...

Jonahtan Alvarado Ortiz's picture

Awesome !!
Its a great quality video and the teaching is even greater !
This will help many parents to teach biblical concepts to their kids in a form that will get their attention. Keep up the good work.


vielgervise's picture



jonathanjmagee's picture

Glad you like it! We just added the MP3 files. A few folks were asking for the music for children's choirs and Sabbath school.

Tina Olson

Tina Olson's picture

This is a great and catchy way to teach the commandment to yourself or your kids. Keep up the good work yo guys and thanks for remembering the kids!


KARS's picture

Good for you. This will be helpful. I am wondering how would I take my songs of Bible memory and convert them onto my laptop then burn them on cd? I have several songs from Imperial School days that I composed for my girls when they attended years ago.


JMP's picture

THANK YOU!!!!!! These videos fill a desperate need in and out of the church to assist in teaching God's truth to our children. So much of what is available for this age group is biblicly inaccurate. It is so nice to finally have something to share with my sons that they enjoy and teaches them the truth of God's Word. The fact that the tunes are so catchy doesn't hurt either since I often find myself singing them to myself when I'm out and about in the world. The overall video quality is wonderful too - very professional. Well done guys, keep up the good work!!

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