Can I watch Beyond Today on the Apple TV?

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You can watch Beyond Today programs and BT Daily videos on your Apple TV by adding the Beyond Today Video podcast to your "favorites". You can also watch via the YouTube app. These instructions will show you how to use the Podcast app.


The easiest way to watch is through the Podcasts app since you are required to sign into your iTunes account with your AppleTV. Here are the instructions:

1. Select the Podcasts app.

Watch Beyond Today on Apple TV


2. Go to the Search tab. Type in "Beyond Today".

3. Select the "Beyond Today Video podcast".

Watch Beyond Today on Apple TV


4. Select the "Beyond Today Video podcast" on the Results Page.

Watch Beyond Today on Apple TV


5. At the top of the next screen click “Add Show to Favorites” for easy access in the future.

Watch Beyond Today on Apple TV


6. You can now easily access Beyond Today in your Favorites screen in the Podcast app. You will not have to perform the search again.

Watch Beyond Today on Apple TV

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