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Stress can trigger a "fight or flight" response, but the Bible reveals a way...

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In direct conflict with the Word of God, the United States Congress is...

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She lived her life in service to God and country. Her death brought a solemn moment to reflect on the sacred. Elizabeth II was a monarch for the ages. What lessons can we learn from her faith?

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Bruce Hansen's picture Bruce Hansen said:
Excellent points! Much the same as what I've read from the Love and Logic Institute and their approach to parenting.
6 days 14 hours ago in Five Ways Parents Damage Their Kids: Without Even Realizing It

Jeffery Craig's picture Jeffery Craig said:
Great article Becky, I've heard of trans-humanism but didn't know what it was. After reading this it does not surprise me what scientists are trying to achieve as mankind is...
1 week 3 days ago in Transhumanism: What It Is, and Why It Is So Fundamentally Wrong