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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Who Is Greatest David Stiffler June 3, 2023 Little Rock, AR
Are You a True Christian? Lonnie Johnson June 3, 2023 Springfield, MO
Quarreling - the Sin Lists of Paul - Part 1 Craig Scott June 3, 2023 Greensboro, NC; Jacksonville, NC; Raleigh, NC; Richmond, VA
Ephesians: the Crown of the Epistles, Chapter 5, Part 5 Scott McKeon June 3, 2023 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
Baptism and Circumcision Mike Greider June 3, 2023 Northern Virginia
The Book of Life-a Spiritual Who's Who Fred Whitlark June 3, 2023 Lexington, KY
Firstborn John Freeman June 3, 2023 Twin Cities, MN
Marriage and Family Part 2 Unity, Roles and Differences in Marriage Dan Preston June 3, 2023 Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Hickory, NC
The Peace of God Howard Marchbanks June 3, 2023 Las Vegas, NV; Redlands, CA; San Diego, CA
Thyatira: the Tolerant Church: 7 Churches of Revelation - Part 6 Ed Dowd June 3, 2023 Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK
Bible Study, Retention of the Youth - Why Don't They Stay? Gary Smith June 3, 2023 Houston, TX
The Trunk of the Tree Gary Smith June 3, 2023 Houston, TX
The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come Chuck Smith June 3, 2023 Vero Beach, FL
Neutral, Human, Carnal, and Divine Nature Monte Knudson June 3, 2023 Phoenix East, AZ
Decluttering Our Spiritual Lives Tim Martens June 3, 2023 Northwest Arkansas
Your Strength Is Your Weakness Matthew Miller June 3, 2023 Salem, OR
Ruth and Pentecost Jerold Aust June 3, 2023 Atlanta, GA
The Pillar and Ground of Truth John Miller June 3, 2023 North Canton, OH
Bible Study: 1 John: Introduction and Chapter 1, Part 1 William Bradford June 3, 2023 Beloit, WI; Chicago, IL; Northwest Indiana
Come and See Rick Shabi June 3, 2023 Cincinnati East, OH