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Hymnal App

Download the United Church of God hymnal app, with searchable song titles and piano recordings. You will need to be connected to the Internet to access the audio.

The hymnal app is available for the iOS and Android mobile devices. Search for the "United Church of God hymnal" app on the following online locations or view the web version.

Sept. 2017 - Our hymnal app needs to be updated to comply with the latest Apple OS. It is not available for download until we can update the app. Recent updates to the audio files inside the app available within the Apple store, Google Play or Amazon need to be fixed. The app may not work completely until these updates are made. Please use the Web version until fixed.

May 2021 - (Google Play): This latest update includes: French and German language versions, mp3 accompaniment playback for all devices, English vocal versions for some hymns, language detection, functionality to remember user’s contrast mode and font size.

January 2022 - (iOS): This latest update includes: Dutch translation, compatibility with the latest iOS version.

Apple Store 
Google Play
Web version (English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and French)

We would like to thank Corbin Rose for his help in developing the apps above.

Microsoft App

We would like to thank Dan Lausted for his help in developing the app above.

We will continue to make improvements to this app as we become aware of technical issues and try to support as many mobile devices as we can. Due to copyright, the hymnal app only includes the lyrics and not the music notation.

Hymnal: Piano Accompaniment

Download the entire hymnal accompaniment in MP3 format. The 191 hymns have been compressed in two download zip files. The compressed audio files have been encoded at 64kbps. A high speed Internet connection is suggested for downloading the large files.

Download Part 1 - Hymns 1 - 95 (43 MB)
Download Part 2 - Hymns 96 - 191 (52 MB)

There are six hymns in the piano accompaniment version that have modulations on the last verse. If you prefer a version that does not have a key change, download these six hymns in this zip file.
No Modulation - Piano Accompaniment (8 MB)

72 - O How Love I Thy Law!
76 - Unless the Lord Shall Build the House
101 - Go Ye Therefore Into All the World
128 - Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken
164 - For I Am Called by Your Name
175 - Onward Christian Soldiers

Hymnal: Vocal Ensemble

Download the hymns performed by choral volunteers. The hymns have been compressed into two download zip files. A high speed Internet connection connection is suggested for downloading.

Many thanks go to Mr Ken Shoemaker, director, Mr. Clint Porter, audio engineer, and the Cincinnati East volunteer chorale for all their efforts in making these recordings possible.

Please note that this recording is intended for those congregations with no pianist or very small attendance, who would appreciate hearing the extra voices as they sing along. While every effort was made to accurately reproduce the hymn vocals, some inconsistencies could not be avoided.

Download Part 1 - Hymns 1- 95 (245 MB)
Download Part 2 - Hymns 96-191 (254 MB)

Due to copyright restrictions, we are not providing this hymn for download at this time:
171 - One Faith, One Love

Hymnal Lyrics

Download the entire hymnal lyrics. The 191 hymn lyrics have been combined into one large print document available in PDF.

Download the hymnal lyrics (711 KB)

Hymnal PowerPoint

Download the lyrics for the hymnal in one PowerPoint presentation in 16:9 widescreen format. This presentation now includes a quick selection index.

Download hymnal lyrics PowerPoint (revised 2024) (6 MB)

Download older version for Office 1997–2003 (12 MB)
NOTE: This version may load embedded fonts incorrectly.

Hymnal: Automatic Lyrics and Audio in Video Format

Download all the (191) UCG Hymn MP3 song files with each of the respective PowerPoint lyric slides, and wrapped in individual MP4 video files. These videos can be used for displaying the lyrics and playing the hymn audio at the same time instead of displaying a PowerPoint presentation and playing the audio of the hymn.

Download auto hymns with lyrics and audio - PC download (3 GB)

Download auto hymns with lyrics and audio - Mac download (6 GB)

Hymnal: Instrumental Transpositions

You can download the transposed hymnal for various instruments here in pdf format. These are ‘generic’ versions, so some of the notes may not be in the proper range for your instrument even though it is the correct note. We are working on ‘instrument specific’ hymn transpositions so that soon there will be individual versions for saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, etc.

You can download one hymn or the entire hymnal. A high speed Internet connection is suggested for downloading the large files.

All Instruments (81MB Zip)
Bass Clef Both (8.9MB Zip)
Bb Both (7MB Zip)
Bb Individual (5MB Zip)
C both (12 MB Zip)
C Individual (10MB Zip)
CBb & Eb (45MB Zip)
Eb Both (7MB Zip)
Eb Individual (5MB Zip)
F Individual (5MB Zip)
F Both (6MB Zip)
Guitar (123MB Zip)

If you have any questions about these hymns please contact Steve Myers (steve_myers@ucg.org).