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Services time during the Covid-19 quarantine

During the Covid-19 quarantine, services for Dallas, Ft. Worth and Lawton will be webcast at 11 am CDT each Sabbath and on the first and last day of Unleavened Bread services will also be at 11 am CDT. Passover services will be webcast at 8 pm Tuesday April 7th. All services can be viewed by logging into the Dallas congregation website. If you do not know the password please leave an email for the pastor.

A Congregation of the United Church of God

We meet at 2:30 pm every Saturday (Sabbath). Occasionally we go off-site, so check our calendar or send us an e-mail if you're visiting. NOTE: Please be prepared to show your drivers' license at the JCC security gate -- see separate post on this subject for details.

Meeting location

Jewish Community Center
7900 Northaven Road
Dallas, TX 75230
United States

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