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The United Church of God is continuing its Bible study series with, "Obadiah: God's Message to Edom&
UCG president, Victor Kubik, discusses how spiritually united the brethren in Africa are regardless of the har
The Women's enrichment weekend in Baltimore, Maryland has extended its deadline date to May 5, 2017.
Member support towards reaching our financial goals to build the new studio has been greatly appreciated.
How can we experience the peace of God on a daily basis—keep sin out of our lives—and continually live the Day
UCG president Victor Kubik provides update to trip to Malawi and Zambia and shares his thoughts on "God&#

Victor Kubik talks with Filius Jere, a member in the African nation of Zambia. They discuss airing Beyond Today on Zambian radio and how that has led to the growth of the churches in that region.

UCG president, Mr. Kubik, gives update on his travels in Africa.

Paul Kieffer joins Victor Kubik in the studio to discuss recording German Beyond Today programs, as well as the social and political climate in Germany.

UCG president Victor Kubik talks about trip to South Central Africa, upcoming Church fast, and shares thoughts