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Latest UCG Updates

This year the weekly Sabbath falls the day before the Feast begins. Many members and ministers will have already left for the Feast of Tabernacles before the weekly Sabbath.
Read updates from the GCE meeting being held on Sunday, May 6.
In this update from the president, Victor Kubik gives a brief update on the Feast of Tabernacles. He also goes into some detail about his trip to Sri Lanka and India.

Steven Britt and Victor Kubik continue their discussion of "Sound Science and the Bible: Do They Conflict?" and how creation, science, and human experience all point to God's incredible handiwork.

The Feast of Tabernacles is fast approaching! Are you ready and prepared for the Feast?
As we go to the Feast—which pictures the joy we will experience in the Kingdom of God—let us focus and meditate on the precious promises of eternal life and peace in the Kingdom of God.
The Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee congregations held their second annual combined church picnic on June 24.
I must fully apply those blessings to serving our God as He directs, and live every day grateful that I can.
Be careful that you tell the truth consciously and that you don’t unknowingly mislead.
Earl Roemer retired from the full-time employed service to the United Church of God on June 30, 2018, after 52 years.