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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Walls, What Does the Bible Say? Gary Smith September 14, 2019 Houston, TX
Disciples of Christ Mark Smith September 14, 2019 Murfreesboro, TN
Am I a Fool, or Am I Wise? Bob Fahey September 14, 2019 Beloit, WI
Beware That You Do Not Forget Jorge de Campos September 14, 2019 Louisville, KY
One Ultimate Creation: How Heaven Touches Earth Robin Webber September 14, 2019 Los Angeles, CA
Where Were You? Tim Pebworth September 14, 2019 Petaluma, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Part Ii of the How Tos of Ii Peter Carl Koester September 14, 2019 Salem, OR
Let There Be Light Dan Baker September 14, 2019 Mansfield, OH
We Are Underdogs: When We Are Weak, We Are Strong Dan Dowd September 14, 2019 Oshkosh, WI
God Gives You Worth, More Than Pearls Jason Nitzberg September 14, 2019 Cincinnati East, OH
The Prophecy of Christ Barry Grady September 14, 2019 Dayton, OH
Defining the Millennium in Prophecy! Randy Stiver September 13, 2019 North Canton, OH
The Christian Conscience Gary Petty September 7, 2019 Murfreesboro, TN; Nashville, TN
Shadow of Things to Come Mario Seiglie September 7, 2019 Garden Grove, CA
Two Actions That Can Define Our Spiritual Condition Marcelo Saavedra September 7, 2019 Garden Grove, CA
Walking in the Image of God: Our Responsibility to Society Ted Budge September 7, 2019 Los Angeles, CA
Your Appointed Days He Hates Lynn Leiby September 7, 2019 Dallas, TX
Overcoming Our Fears Doug Wendt September 7, 2019 Tampa, FL
A Time of Peace and Restoration Bart Bornhorst September 7, 2019 Ft. Wayne, IN
Peacemakers: Part 1: Principles of Peace Brian Shaw September 7, 2019 Duluth, MN; Twin Cities, MN