Vertical Thought: October - December 2011

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  • by Frank Dunkle, David Cobb
Many aspects of traditional Christianity - holidays, practices and doctrines - came not from Christ or the Bible but from ancient pagan religion.
  • by Amanda Stiver
The expression "friends with benefits" refers to the relationship where a guy and girl who are friends socialize, share companionship at times and have regular sex with "no strings attached".
  • by Scott Hoefker
More and more voices in society attempt to run down marriage, claiming it's out of date and seeking to change its definition. But there's still much to be said for this relationship God instituted when He first made man and woman.
  • by Scott Hoefker
If God wanted you to constantly use a cell phone, He would have had you born with one glued to your ear. If He wanted you to be on Twitter all the time, He would have "tweeted" you by now. Is our electronic media producing what God intended for communication, or not?
  • by Dan Dowd
Many Christmas customs can be traced back to the ancient worship of false gods.
  • by Whitney Creech
Coping with teen pregnancy is hard - premarital sex and children out of wedlock being against the purpose of marriage and family. But there is help to go forward.
  • by Amanda Stiver
A recent poll in Britain indicates that 52 percent of drivers ages 18 to 24 used Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation, while only 28 percent of those over 65 used a GPS.
  • by Randy Stiver
We all need a strategic and comprehensive perspective on life and world events. Vertical Thought strives to give you that strategic overview in every issue.
  • by Amanda Stiver
Scientists have developed an electronic skin tattoo, called an epidermal electronic system (EES).