An Unrecognizable America?

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An Unrecognizable America?

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An Unrecognizable America?

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The year 2020 is one for the history books. We’ve seen several world-changing scenarios unfold—a frightful disease epidemic that quickly spread throughout the world, devastating economic consequences as nation after nation went into shutdowns to prevent the coronavirus spread, a worldwide travel collapse as many countries went into quarantines, and massive government intrusion into citizens’ lives.

And as millions of people were essentially sentenced to home confinement with no end date, thousands of prisoners were released from jails (ostensibly to prevent the spread of Covid-19) and hordes of thousands rampaged through America’s streets, looting and burning. Though many were arrested, sympathetic politicians typically refused to charge them and set them free to continue to wreak terror on others.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the “normal” background bad news of wars, famines, corrupt politicians and governments, brutal dictators, genocide, crop failures, natural disasters and the like.

And it’s far from over. Around the time many of you receive this issue, the United States will be holding elections that will determine the nation’s future. The stakes are high, because what is at play is the survival of the nation as we know it.

Why would I say that? We’re used to politicians making promises they know they can’t keep to try to persuade people to vote for them. Usually we can tune them out. But this year is different.

Over recent years we’ve seen tipping points where political parties gained enough leverage to wield total control over everything within their power. We’ve seen it in America’s big cities and states, which are overwhelmingly dominated by one political party. There the career politicians have been able to implement their platforms, policies and goals unhindered.

I live in one such state and have seen the process unfold.

What’s been the result? Huge tax burdens, rising homelessness, an epidemic of substance abuse, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure, enormous and unsustainable pension obligations, persistent crime and fed-up, overtaxed and over-regulated businesses and citizens fleeing by the thousands. 

If you’ve been paying attention over recent months, you may have noticed the radical ideas proposed by the leadership of one of the major U.S. parties. And I’m not talking about their presidential election platform, which calls for trillions of dollars of tax increases, the economy-crushing “Green New Deal,” reinstating Obamacare, rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, restricting school choice, restoring funding to pay Palestinian terrorists, federal funding of abortion and defunding police. 

This party’s presidential candidate tweeted on July 5 that if his party wins the presidency, “We won’t just rebuild this nation—we’ll transform it.” He didn’t say how that transformation will take place or what they will transform the nation into. That is why the proposals presented by other party leaders are important. They reveal the transformation they want to accomplish if they gain control of the presidency and Congress.

Their list of proposals reveals a well-thought-out plan for permanently altering government and a transformation of American society into something vastly different.

Here are the steps that have been openly presented:

• Abolish U.S. Senate filibuster rules that require a 60 percent vote for major legislation or decisions. This would abolish more than 200 years of history and tradition of cooperation and deliberation before making significant changes.

With those rules abolished, the party would then be free to:

• Give statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico—giving this party a total of four more reliably liberal senators and additional liberal members of the House of Representatives.

• Expand the current nine-member Supreme Court to 15 or more—and pack those extra seats with liberal activist judges who make law rather than interpret law. This would make the Supreme Court permanently left-leaning and give them an unstoppable ability to create new law through judicial fiat rather than working through the constitutionally mandated requirement that Congress make laws.

• Open U.S. borders and change immigration policy and laws to import more unskilled or low-skilled immigrants who will be dependent on permanent government assistance and who’ll support those who promise more. Included would be a “path to citizenship” for 20 to 30 million illegal aliens, permanently changing the political balance throughout the nation as a whole.

• Further restrict free speech rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the right to bear arms as spelled out in the Second Amendment. This would permanently alter constitutionally guaranteed rights put in place specifically to help prevent such government power grabs and infringement of citizens’ rights.

With these steps in place, the America we know would soon be no more. And the entire world would permanently change.

Make no mistake: These exact proposals have been publicly presented and repeated in recent days as the political campaigns heat up. And this party’s many surrogates controlling social media outlets and in the mainstream media are hard at work marginalizing and removing the diminishing number of conservative and Bible-supporting voices.

These are dangerous times. The ground is shifting underneath our feet. Prophecies of a very different world—one in which the United States no longer exists as a viable nation—are lining up.

What should you do? Pray. Draw close to God. Prepare yourself spiritually for what lies ahead. Read this issue carefully, and continue reading and watching Beyond Today to understand what you need to be doing!