Beyond Today Magazine: March–April 2020

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  • by Peter Eddington
The Days of Unleavened Bread are not just about avoiding bread and yeast. They teach us to receive God’s nature and resist self-centeredness and spreading sin.
  • by Steven Britt
A new report warns of antibiotic resistance increasing to the point where antibiotics are no longer effective. Scripture also warns of growing pestilence, but it further assures us of a hope-filled future time when the need for antibiotics is no more.
  • by Scott Ashley
The apostle Paul wrote of a “spiritual Rock” with the ancient Israelites in their wilderness wandering, stating, “And that Rock was Christ.” What did he mean by this puzzling statement?
  • by Scott Ashley
Many are moved by inspiring stories of great courage, conviction and self-sacrifice, as we should be. Yet one sacrifice stands far above all others as the greatest of all time. And whether you realize it or not, it directly impacts you!
  • by Scott Ashley
God is creating a family—His own divine family. And as the great loving God that He is, He wants to see you and me and every human being be a part of that family and share in that great future He plans for us.