Life's Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?

Life's Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?

What is the most crucial question of all time?

What question has more impact on your life, your future, your decisions, your plans? What question has the greatest bearing on your family, your relationships, on everything you do?

The most vital question of all time is this: Does God exist?

If there is no God, then we are free to do as we want, to choose how we'll live and how we'll treat one another. We can make up our own rules because, in the end, this life is all there is and nothing really matters except the here and now.

But if there is a Creator, how does that affect our choices? What does that mean for how we think and how we choose to live? Does that Being have a purpose and plan for us? These questions are crucial!

Can you know whether God exists? In this Bible study aid booklet, Life's Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?, you'll be amazed to learn what many scientists admit. You'll discover many scientific finds that point to one inescapable conclusion: The universe is the result of an intelligence far greater than anything we can imagine.

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Some of the clearest evidence of God’s existence is in the awesome presence of design in the universe (p. 11)

During the last 150 years or so, no part of the Bible has come under more rigorous attack than the creation account in Genesis 1 (p. 17).

Here and in the book of Genesis we find verification of the most basic law of biogenesis: Life can come only from preexisting life. Life comes only from something already living, not from inert, dead matter. God, having eternal life in Himself, is the original Lifegiver (p. 46).

Although God clearly reveals His existence, He acknowledges that some men suppress the truth about Him. Why would anyone do that? (p. 62).