Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension

Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension

Explore the paths you can take to enjoy the dream of a happy and successful marriage and family!

How can you have a happy marriage & family?

What are the keys to a happy marriage? How can you enjoy the blessings of a happy family? Is your marriage fulfilling and satisfying? The hope for a happy, fulfilling marriage is one of our deepest desires. Sharing our hopes, dreams and life with the one we love is one of life's most fulfilling experiences.

A good marriage blessed with happy, respectful, successful children is the crowning touch of a good life. We'd all love to have this story be our story!

Everyone wants to live this life, but it seems many don't know how to have a happy marriage. What's missing? And where does God fit in the picture? Did He have anything to do with the institution of marriage and, if so, did He give us any instructions?

When all else fails, maybe we should read the directions! The free 78 page booklet, Marriage and Family: The Missing Dimension,  can help you discover the biblical foundations for a happy, successful marriage and family. 

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To understand the spiritual significance of marriage and family, we must turn to God, our Creator, to learn what He had in mind in making the human race (p. 8).

Similar to the way a human family reflects God’s plan to have a family, human marriage also reflects a spiritual relationship. Human marriage is modeled after the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church (p. 11).

Marriage is one of God’s most wonderful gifts to mankind. It is a treasure worth working on, cherishing and sustaining. His instructions are as valid today as ever (p. 23).

God intends couples to work, live and grow in harmony. Instead of waging a war of the sexes, which modern philosophies often fuel, God teaches husbands and wives to work together as a team (p. 51).

Being a good parent means putting our children’s needs ahead of our own desires. If you have children, why not give them what they want and need—a positive, encouraging home where they are taught God’s standards by both of their biological parents living together in peace? (p. 60).

It has been discovered, for example, that fathers, by their own actions, teach their sons how to be a man and how to treat women. Fathers are also most influential for daughters in helping them have self-confidence and avoid premarital sex. Mothers are generally best at teaching children to get along and respect the feelings of others (p. 62).