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Compass Point

Mother's Day was yesterday and I hope yours went well. My wife had a chance to keep it with her mother for the first time in 37 years. Not that they don't have many "days" together but it was important for Debbie to spend one Mother's Day with her. Our sons and their very pregnant wives joined us as well and we had a wonderful meal together.

By coincidence my wife gave a talk to a group of young adults (mostly girls in this group) about the role of a woman in the Church. She compiled a number of scriptural points to show the abundance of opportunities afforded to women in scripture.

Proverbs 31:28 Proverbs 31:28Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.
American King James Version×
says of a the virtuous woman, "Her children rise up and call her blessed." 

Here is the reward for all the hours spent providing a safe home for a child. Here is the legacy of a woman who sacrifices her dreams and desires to put hope and inspiration into the life of a child. Here is a woman who can say she lived a good life.

4 Myths About America-Bashing in Europe

An article about how Europe looks at America and its leaders and why Europe still "matters" in the world.

The Secret Death of Bees

A follow up to an earlier post about the sudden disappearance of bees and the impact on American agriculture. I like the last line...

A technical patch, taken alone, isn't all that reassuring. On a
different level, we need to realize what's good for bees is crucial for
all of us.

Alone in the Oval Office

Another article pointing to September as a turning point for America in the Iraq war. If measurable progress is not made on the political and military front President Bush will lose his las political support and his presidency could be over, or so the article says.

This article, written by an Australian correspondent, shows the impact on Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Howard and Australia have been key supporters of the war.

Evangelical Leader Returns to Catholicism

A leading evangelical theologian and teacher at Baylor University has gone back to his roots as a Catholic after reading the writings of Pope Benedict XVI and finding no quarrel with his teaching, especially on the subject of justification, a key link in the protestant revolt of the 16th century.

Whether this reflects a closer move between faiths, called ecumenicalism, is yet to  be seen. But it is a candid admission by a scholar that there are more similarities on basics than not. But this won't register on many people. The deep theological discussions at this level are as foreign as a remote African dialect to the average person.

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