Free Bible Study Materials for Homeschooling Families

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Free Bible Study Materials for Homeschooling Families

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If you are a homeschooling parent, you are probably in the process of considering next year's course of study. After looking through the various company catalogs offering full curriculum choices, or taking the time to seek out used and less expensive options for your needs; your budget might be hitting its limit. Gaining access to quality educational material that is also affordable, can mean searching through various websites and is a time consuming endeavor.

The United Church of God offers several study guides that might be of interest when it comes to Bible Study courses and religious training. All materials are free of charge and written to encourage, uplift, and educate the reader.

Sabbath School lessons for children in levels K - 5 are available. Each level is designed for 10 months with 4 lessons per month. Parents can teach the lessons and then use them to create follow up conversations and activities.

The Teen Bible Study Discussion Guides have been designed to fit the needs of a family. You may want your older teens to use them as a launching pad for independent study while the younger teens in your family choose to list examples of how the study can apply to life today. Since there is no one way to use the guides, they will allow for flexibility and creativity when it comes to Bible study and your homeschool.

Vertical Thought Magazine is a magazine of understanding for tomorrow's leaders. It brings relevant content to young people ages 12-22 in helping them to discover and live God's way of life. While this magazine can be used in the homeschool environment, as a learning tool, it is also an invaluable addition to any home where raising great kids into great adults is a daily focus.

For the student who is looking for a more in-depth study or is interested in learning on a more adult level, you might consider the Bible Study Course or the free booklets which are available on various topics of interest.

While this school year draws to an end and plans for the next year are already being made, consider making these free materials a part of your family's Biblical studies. As parents we can ensure a better life for our children when we provide them with a straight path, using God's word and His way of life as the foundation.