Is Satan Cast Down to Earth?

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Is Satan Cast Down to Earth?

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Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022, was the Day of Atonement—known within the Jewish community as Yom Kippur. Christians who observe the day understand it pictures the removal of the influence of Satan the devil from the affairs of this world. Satan is identified in the Bible as the deceiver of all mankind (Revelation 12:9). That same chapter tells us there will be a time before the end of the age when Satan will be cast down to earth and will vent his wrath on the world (Revelation 12:9-10).

The way things are today makes you wonder if that event has already occurred. Today we are seeing spiritual wickedness seize the high powers of this age. Look around.

Governments around the world create policies seeking to change the world we know into their vision of a utopia—a world order they think will bring about justice, peace and equity. Through control of every part of modern life—technology, finance and commerce—a new system will emerge that will promise peace and order, but in the end will consume the bodies and souls of humans.

Through education systems and media culture we are watching our minds, and the minds of our youth, be conditioned to accept philosophies, lifestyles and worldviews that are immoral, ungodly and anti-biblical.

Wherever we turn we are being persuaded against a belief in God, the Bible and the existence of unalterable, immutable Truth. World leaders, celebrities and their media culture, and leaders of global businesses are spokespersons for these false worldviews. We cannot be naïve. We are engaged in a spiritual battle for our minds and our heart. We are seeing massive deception occur.

And mark this: This deception includes the messaging of religion, churches and other spiritual teaching. What is taught as Christianity today does not always stand up against what the Bible teaches. The true gospel Jesus Christ preached and passed on to His disciples has been changed and watered down.

Look around your neighborhood. Do you see graveyards on the lawns? Witches on brooms flying off the roofs? Worse yet, do you also see this around the churches down the street? Maybe the church you attend on Sunday? Wake up! The devil has come among you and laughs at the ignorance people have about his existence and pervasive influence. Do not think it is innocent and naïve fun!

The time of Satan’s fall has not occurred but it may be closer than you think. When it happens a time of tribulation will descend on the world unlike any previous period. The times are serious and you need to understand.


  • Sabbathgal

    Thank you for writing on this topic. It has weighted heavily on my mind lately, and even though God will protect His people, His words of 'Woe to those who dwell on Earth' does make my stomach sick. The things you mentioned have heightened so fast in the past year or two, it is truly amazing to be a witness. And I wonder how bad it can get until he is thrown to earth which will make things worse. One of the things I see often in everyday life is how angry everyone is. Not only are people angry, but they cannot control it like they used to and 'fly off the handle' frequently. May God help us. Especially during this time when we are dealing with Satan and his wrath.

  • Sue

    Very good! Keep up the good work!

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