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A Place for Tears

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Tears can be used to express deep anguish or sadness, and there are also tears of joy and appreciation. Tears are among the great gifts God has given to mankind. Some people use tears as weapons or a way to pressure another into a certain action. We may be seeking sympathy or reverting back to the way children shed tears to invoke their parents to give in to their wishes. One term used for false tears is “crocodile tears.”

But tears truly are one of God’s gifts and need to be used properly. Jesus Christ wept when He came over the Mount of Olives and saw the beauty of Jerusalem (Luke 19:41 Luke 19:41And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it,
American King James Version×
). He knew the city would be destroyed, and He had seen it in great travail many times. Those were proper tears of concern and love. Sincere tears have a place and time. They are good for us and good for others—just as Jesus’ were.