Absolute Certainty

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Absolute Certainty

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They know that mistakes occur in the mind of all living humans beings. They also know that things are in a state of constant change or flux. Humans can get into a mindset where the only truth is their own and so convince themselves that nothing can dissuade their opinion. In religion there are those who are convinced that the only truth is their truth. It seems so easy to slip into a position of being close minded. Nothing can penetrate that position.

Absolutes do exist, but we may not be able to identify them. God's existence would be one absolute—His constancy and unchanging person (Malachi 3:6). In the words of scientists who claim it is impossible to have absolute certainty lies an absolute. They are absolutely sure that there is no absolute certainty. We humans are limited and chained by the boundaries of our minds (1 Corinthians 8:2). That is an absolute certainty. That we will die is an absolute certainty (Hebrews 9:27). We were created this way so that we would search for God.


  • Robert and Val

    Thank you Jerry --- It is hard to talk with people today, but we need to keep trying and becoming better at finding the right moment and way with which to talk. That might be never in this lifetime, but it is a sign of our good character if we try. God never quits and although we are not on His level, we can start to think a little more as He does.

  • jerry biles

    I know you can not talk to people today without them give you their truth
    it is so hard to talk to people today
    thank you

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