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Plants, animals, birds, fish and mankind—all are wonderfully made. The more we study and learn about how life continues, the more amazed we ought to be. Our hearts beat without our interference, our food digests while we do not even think about it, our blood carried oxygen and food to each cell and removes waste without stopping for a "thank you."

But we have a mind that can appreciate that every breath we breathe, every electric impulse that is our brain, every beat of our heart and all we are have been given to us from our Creator. God does not stand by and seek our appreciation, but we are blind, deaf and dumb indeed if our hearts do not burst with thanksgiving and gratitude. Gratitude is a natural flower that grows within the person who considers who and what he is and where he is going. David wrote of being thankful in Psalm 100 and Paul simply said, "Be ye thankful" (Colossians 3:15). Without gratitude to God and others in our lives, we are dark and dismal with no inner light. Turn on your light and be thankful.