None Wholly Destitute

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None Wholly Destitute

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We differ in abilities, talents, intelligence levels and opportunity to develop our various gifts, but just as no person is pure genius, so too no person is wholly destitute of genius. The Bible refers to the "least" as though they are of great worth. God is looking for those who are lowly in heart (Matthew 11:29). Isaiah describes the might of God and then states that He will look on anyone who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at His word (Isaiah 66:2).

One would think that the wise of this world would realize how God sees things and be sure they fit into His description of one who is precious in His sight. However, the mighty, rich and powerful of this world do not seem to think they need God as much as the poor and lowly. Everything about us is known to God and the great equalizer is that He understands our innermost drives and thoughts. Therefore He regards slave or owner, man and woman, the small and the great with equal regard. None are wholly destitute in the eyes of God, and often those who seem to have less really have more.