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Suddenly Rich

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One of the known troubles that crop up in the lives of children is when their inheritance is meted out, especially if it is large. The giver’s motive may have been fairness, but in the minds of recipients, the definition of fairness may be different. When a will is read, trouble often springs up among the children. Some have kept track of the lives of people who win large amounts of money in a lottery, and in a large number of those cases, trouble enters their lives along with the wealth.

There are good reasons that Jesus told people that it was very difficult for a wealthy person to enter into God’s Kingdom (Matthew 19:22-24). It seems even more difficult if that wealth has come suddenly and unexpectedly. That is where the great test of character takes place. Temptations of all sorts present themselves and attitudes of those we once thought of as friends also can change. Can we remain humble, generous, genuine, sincere and God-fearing when all of our wants are met? Will we succumb to the pleasures that life offers or seems to offer? Have we developed the good character and self-control that will allow us to handle the fortune wisely? That is the test that comes to all who experience sudden gain. Better to build righteous character before tests come your way.