The Cycle of Courtesy

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The Cycle of Courtesy

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To be polite, considerate and respectful in manner and action—that's the definition of courtesy. A word "fitly spoken" and a "wise rebuker" are of great value (Proverbs 25:11-12). Some bosses can only correct with harsh words in a booming voice—with the result that the one on the receiving end will begin to look for an exit. We all need correction from time to time. When it comes in a way that leaves us grateful and wiser, we benefit. When courtesy is lacking, we put up our barriers.

It is amazing how little effort it takes to be courteous in our relationships with others. The foundation of courtesy is a respect and value for other people. When that is in place, our subsequent actions will always leave room for others. We can always learn something from others, and if we reflect courtesy and respect, we will receive them in return (Galatians 6:7).