Use of Talent

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Use of Talent

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We could say they bury them, and sometimes the simple truth is that something in their childhood or in their present frame of mind blocks the full use of something that is quite beautiful. Those who possess great talents and who use them properly are a blessing to this world and to themselves.

It is not good enough to possess talents; we need to be able to use them. The example Jesus gave of those to whom talents were given is not hindered by the quantity of talents that were given, because that varied. What was important was that the talents were used and that growth was evident (Matthew 25:23). Jesus was just as happy with the man who developed two talents as He was with the one who developed five. Using our talents may be hindered by fear, nervousness or other factors. It is not good enough to sit back and say "I can't" when we need to be rising to the challenge of overcoming. Use that talent.