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He had observed how little respect there was towards the elderly and one’s parents. It is not a new phenomenon that children are unruly. Isaiah 3:4 notes that “babes shall rule over them.” Adults can control children, but the fear of losing the love of our children makes it difficult for us to discipline and control them. The Bible has much to say about that matter. It is the children who are commanded to honor their parents (Exodus 20:12). Paul wrote that one quality of a leader was to rule his house well, with his children in submission to him (1 Timothy 3:4).

The fear of losing a child or the love of our children is very great. All our love is placed on the children we have. We adorn them with our affection and love without realizing that we are robbing them of the qualities that make their life full and complete. Funny as it sounds, children sense that parents who sometimes correct them and say “no” really do love them (Proverbs 13:24). Loving your children is keeping control. It is in rearing children who do obey their parents. That takes effort and time, but it prevents the use of a lot more effort and time trying to appease a child. Parents must rule well.