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Viewing "The DaVinci Code"

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I managed to get out last night to see "The DaVinci Code". Since I have written and spoken a great deal on the subject over the past three years I was looking forward to seeing how the movie translated the book.

As a movie it did a good job of weaving together the intricate plot from the book. There were a few places where the plot did not seem clear, but overall they brought all the threads together. It was a bit long and slow in a few places.

The problems with the main theme are obvious and there are many books and web sites that point out the glaring inaccuracies of the art, religious and secular history of Dan Brown's novel. Unfortunately the movie is too good at visualizing all this error for an audience that is largely ignorant of the subject. Many will see the movie and take what is presented as "gospel", not knowing the true story of Jesus Christ, His life and His mission.

The movie director, Ron Howard, has been good at producing movies that give hope to peoples lives. "Apollo 13" comes quickly to mind. This movie tragically removes the greatest hope with it's lines that Jesus was merely human and not the divine Son of God. That is where Howard has overstepped and done us a great disservice.

A friend pointed out that many more will see this movie over something like "Flight 93", a sobering movie that reminds us of the reality of our present war on terror. Today's world needs the message of true hope found in Christ's message of the kingdom of God. They will not find that message of hope in such a movie promoting a "gospel of unbelief."