What Is Your Everyday Carry?

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What Is Your Everyday Carry?

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Are there items that you always carry with you everywhere you go? Things like small items that are always stuffed into your pockets, bag or purse that are used for common daily tasks or used in emergency situations? You never leave the house without them and if you forget them, you feel like you’re not fully prepared for the day.

Any time I leave my house I grab my North Face backpack. Inside my pack are my everyday carry (EDC) items that I might need for that day. Most days the backpack will contain my MacBook Pro laptop and its power supply, earbuds, my smartphone, archival pens, Moleskin notebook, band-aids, chapstick, facial tissue, contact cleaner and case, gum or mints, an extra pocket knife (I carry one in my pocket), small flashlight, water bottle and my Thin-line NIV Bible. Yes, I carry all that and more, but these are items that I usually need to be prepared for that day’s activities. This practice of carrying everyday needed items has a huge following on the Web with websites such as everyday-carry.com where photos are posted from people around the world featuring what they carry with them.

This morning when I got to work, I realized that I forgot to grab my pocket knife that is usually clipped to my pant’s side pocket. I felt a little at a loss, until I rememberd my backup pocket knife from my bag and stuck that in my pocket. Crisis averted! You may laugh but I think we all have those kinds of moments. What is that one item that if you forgot (not including car and house keys or your wallet or purse) would leave you feeling unprepared for the day?

I wonder what the everyday carry item(s) were for the disciples of Jesus Christ? I am reminded of the story of where He sent out the 12 disciples to preach the gospel message and to do many miraculous events. This was going to be an epic adventure! Surely, if I was one of the disciples, I would have all my needed gear with me for this journey, and if I forgot it, I’d have gone back to grab those missing items. But wait! Christ says, “Do not take along any gold, silver or copper in your belts; take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff” (Matthew 10:9-10; Luke 9:1-5).

What!? I can't take this and that and I can’t go get my (fill in the blank)?! But I’ll need that for this trip! We can’t bring any money! How are we going to get food or pay for a place to stay? I don’t think I could have easily gone on this trip with nothing except what I had on me at the time. What about you? Could you have done this?

If we continue reading Matthew 10:10, Christ finishes the sentence, “for the worker is worth his keep” and then He proceeds to give further instructions and a motivational pep talk that redirected their focus from what they could not bring to what they would be doing.

When you prepare to leave your home for the day, what is your most important everyday carry item? Is it something physical and tangible that you can hold onto and rely upon in time of need or crisis? Or is it following the example of Jesus Christ and trusting His Words that will become your everyday carry?

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  • jlesliebooth
    Now that's something to consider. Excellent points, all. Exercises in thinking, of this manner and magnitude, are what construct a stronger matrix of who we are and what we believe. Well said Aaron. Well said. ":)
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