Why a Penny Could Still Have Big Value for You

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Why a Penny Could Still Have Big Value for You

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These days a penny seems almost worthless, and there’s lots of talk about going to a cashless society. When you can so easily flash a credit or debit card, having them jingling in your pocket makes hardly any cents—and some would say hardly any sense. But there is one simple reason why a penny could still have big value for you.

Are you guessing that I might be talking about collecting them in a big jar, taking it to the automatic counting machine at your supermarket, and then turning it in as a donation to your favorite charity?

That would be a thought surely worth assent!

But no, I’m talking about a reason why I will still zealously stoop down to pick up a penny every time I see one on the ground. Dingy or shiny, it’s well worth the effort.

Because it will inspire me to read the four foundational words above President Abraham Lincoln’s head: "IN GOD WE TRUST."

The just shall live by faith and a good definition of faith is relaxed trust in God. In the Old Testament the concept of faith was translated “trust” (Hebrew batach) in 154 places.

Spotting a penny a day and reading its inscription reminds me that God “mint” us to have relaxed trust in Him.

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  • Jacob Hitsman

    Hello Robert,

    Well I think the statement on the penny sounds good and has meaning to you and I for sure. But to the American people in general they should change this statement to in Money we trust. This would reflect a more accurate evaluation of American society today. This is one of the reasons I gave up my citizenship in America. They have become obsessed with money and want to talk about it all the time. Even when meeting American people here in Vietnam where I reside now they still talk about money all the time.

    When observing Americans here in this country and other countries they are the people who like themselves more than any other country in the world. Like you know what I mean? They use this like word all the time. This gives them away to being American. Another pet peeve of mine is their constant blasphemy of 'God's Holy Name. Using the expression "Oh my --- " all the time is another irritating habit they have. Not only that but the Vietnamese who learn English pick this blasphemy up also and think this is just fine to abuse God's Holy Name in this way.

    May we pray that this evil influence of Americans will be put to rest some day.


  • robertearlcurry

    You're right about abusing the word "like" and taking God's name in vain. And the Bible warns about "the love of money being a root of all evil." Your comment really encourages me that somebody in Vietnam is seeking to please God.

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