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Christianity--A Way of Life

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After all, is this not the purpose for which God calls people? When the Bible speaks of "walking" with God, it is a rhetorical method of describing the ongoing relationship each of us must be developing in order to recapture that childlike attitude Jesus spoke of.


In our lead article, Discover the Power of Forgiveness, Mr. Walker addresses a vital subject which each of us as Christians must understand and apply if we are to "be imitators of God as dear children" (Ephesians 5:1). That subject is the necessity of forgiving those who sin again us.

Mr. Walker writes: "Forgiveness is not easy. But it is the best way for all concerned. By letting go of hostile, vengeful feelings and leaving it up to God to deal with wrongdoers who have hurt us, we can move beyond our hurt to live happy, healthy lives." The truth contained in these simple sentences, if put into practice, would produce revolutionary changes in our lives. Sadly, only a few have learned the power of forgiveness and, therefore, have not "overcome evil with good" (Romans 12:21).

Right from wrong

For thousands of years humanity has debated the value of the Ten Commandments. Today many people feel these ancient laws are outdated and in serious need of revision. In his article, Who Determines Right From Wrong, Mr. Petty points out the fallacy of modern man's attempt to take of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Thousands of years of human suffering have not yet convinced humanity that God knows what is best for us.

Mr. Petty points out that the same debate was raging during Christ's earthly ministry as well. "Jesus Christ participated in the typical first century Jewish debates over Old Testament law, which included the Ten Commandments. When asked to state the most important law, Jesus simply reiterated two laws from the Old Testament: love God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:30-31)."

Contained in these simple, yet eloquent verses is the answer to solving the fundamental problems facing modern culture. The simplicity of this truth belies the depth and power behind these profound words. Someday soon humanity will learn the stupidity of taking on the godly prerogative of deciding what is right and wrong. Sadly, this realization will not take place until an ocean of tears is shed as people learn they cannot improve on God's Ten Commandments.

Sick culture

In our next article, How Can You Counter a Degenerating Culture, Dr. Levy asks, "How can we counter the degrading influence of much of popular culture?" As you read this article, it will become clear that lacking knowledge of the importance of the Ten Commandments in everyday life produces a culture which is quickly losing its sense of right and wrong. Mr. Levy writes: "A major change over recent decades is that Western culture has become what sociologists call values-neutral. Advocates of this approach argue that we should not adopt any system defining right and wrong and expect all to adhere to it because no one has a right to impose his values on others."

Children of divorce

It should be clear to you that these articles have a common theme. Namely, confusion, suffering, and death are the result of living contrary to the laws of God. It has been said that a nation is only as strong as its families. The fruits of mankind taking to itself the godly prerogative of deciding good and evil can clearly be seen in the demise of the family. In his article, Children of Divorce Aren't Doomed to Failure, Mr. Maranville points out the devastating effects divorce can have on children. He also reminds us that its victims are not doomed to failure. Children do not have to pay for the mistakes of their parents.

As a child of divorce myself, I can identify with the pain and terrible confusion divorce brings into a young person's life. I can also attest to the truth that children of divorce are not doomed to repeat the failings of their parents. Having come to understand God's wonderful truth, I have learned how to weave the Ten Commandments in my life.

As you read this month's issue of the Virtual Christian Magazine keep in mind that God's way works. True Christianity is a way of life, not just another religion (Acts 18:26; 2 Peter 2:21). The world is full of religions, but short on understanding the proper way to live. That is the mission of the Virtual Christian Magazine. So as you read these articles don't read just for knowledge, but read for understanding. As you do, you will also learn to weave the truth of God into your life.