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The free online Bible Study Course covers these topics:

Free Bible Study Lesson 1: Why the Bible Is the Word of God
In a world of fear and hopelessness, there is a book that promises peace and hope. It also claims to have been written by the Creator God, the one who made us! Few believe that, and fewer still understand how to use the Bible to make a better life now and for the future. This Bible study explores how you can connect with your Creator and begin to understand the mysteries of the Bible.

Free Bible Study Lesson 2: The Word of God - The Foundation of Knowledge
Our world is overloaded with information. But is it just all meaningless data, or is there a framework that can help us make sense of it all? This Bible study lesson explores a missing dimension in knowledge, the vital understanding and wisdom that can only come from our Creator God. In this study you will meet the fascinating people God used to write down His words, which will help you understand those words in a more personal way.

Free Bible Study Lesson 3: Why Did God Create Mankind?
What does it really mean to be human? Are we just smart apes? Or were we created for a special purpose? This Bible study lesson looks at what it means to be created in the image of God. What does God have in store for us forever?

Free Bible Study Lesson 4: Why Does God Allow Suffering?
How can a loving God permit so much pain and anguish? Why do the innocent suffer? This Bible lesson examines the tough questions and finds the real answers and ultimate hope revealed by God.

Free Bible Study Lesson 5: Is There Hope for Human Survival?
Our world is poised on the brink of destruction from many causes: nuclear war, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, massive food shortages, new and deadly diseases. This Bible study examines both the warnings of prophecy and the powerful message of hope that Jesus Christ will rescue this world from destruction.

Free Bible Study Lesson 6: What Is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God?
Jesus Christ said He was born to be a king, and He will return to save the world from destruction and set up a real utopian Kingdom. This Bible study lesson explores the good news of that coming Kingdom.

Free Bible Study Lesson 7: The Calling of God
God wants to have a relationship with you. God's calling requires a reply from us. This Bible study lesson examines the fantastic promises and loving gifts God gives, and the obedient, grateful response He knows is best for us.

Free Bible Study Lesson 8: What Is Christian Conversion?
Why does our human nature pull us down? Why does humanity always revert to war and hatred? What can we do to change our natural human tendencies? This Bible study will explore the process God uses to transform us for good.

Free Bible Study Lesson 9: The Transforming Power of God's Spirit
God's Holy Spirit makes it possible for us to become "a new creation"—to think and act as God does. This Bible study lesson examines the fruits of the Spirit and how Christians are to use the power of the Holy Spirit to transform their lives.

Free Bible Study Lesson 10: What Is the Church?
The New Testament Church of God began with power on the Day of Pentecost. What happened to the Church in the succeeding centuries? Why did Christ build His Church, and how would we recognize it today? This Bible study lesson searches the Scriptures for the who, what and why of God's Church.

Free Bible Study Lesson 11: Christianity - A Way of Life
Christians are called to live the way of life Jesus Christ lived. What are some key elements of a godly way of living? This Bible study lesson highlights many of the essentials of Christian living in the modern world.

Free Bible Study Lesson 12: The Annual Festivals of God
Jesus Christ and the New Testament Church celebrated the meaningful Holy Days taught throughout the Bible. This Bible study lesson looks at what these often-neglected festivals mean for Christians now and for all humanity in the future.