God Called Me Out of the World

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God Called Me Out of the World

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When God called me, it was an unmistakable moment of pure joy, coupled with happy tears. I had sent away for a United Church of God (UCG) booklet called “Is There Really a Devil?” believing I would learn a few more facts about Satan and then go on my way. However, God had other ideas. As I stood in my living room, I read the whole booklet from cover to cover without sitting down. The information in the booklet was so fascinating I was riveted to the spot. One minute I was a person of the world, a lapsed Catholic who denied God in my life because I blamed Him for the death of my mother, and the next moment my life changed direction.

After reading a couple of pages, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was definitely real (no more wondering or being 99% sure) and the Bible could be absolutely trusted. My life would never be the same again. I was physically by myself when God called me so I had nobody to share the good news with. I knew something amazing had happened to me, but until I called the phone number for UCG’s office in Australia, I had no idea that I was being called out of the world. The person on the end of the phone laughed kindheartedly as I choked and spluttered, holding back tears. I was told that the scales had been lifted off my eyes. I remember asking what she meant. From then on I knew the truth would clearly be revealed before me, and the truth would indeed set me free (John 8:32).

I was baptized about four months later. But before that there were several strange supernatural events I had to contend with. There was a fight for my very life during this time. You see, I had no idea that I was a Satan worshipper and had been most of my life.

Dabbling in darkness and spiraling out of control

After my mother died at age 36, the family unit broke up and we all ended up in separate homes. A few years went by and I met a young man who had a very loving European family and I was magnetically drawn to this warm atmosphere. We would go horseback riding each weekend and Friday nights would consist of watching “scary” shows on TV. Some of these were vampire movies. The older style vampire movies seemed quite funny and harmless, while others were intensely suspenseful. They all felt good to watch and we enjoyed laughing about them.

I also absorbed horror through books and movies and counted myself a fan of Hammer Horror (lush British gothic style horror). Through the influence of these movies, I learned about Halloween and celebrated this day to rival the celebrations of those in America. I dressed up my children and invited other children over for a party. One parent scolded me over the phone for being a follower of Satan and hung up on me. I remember thinking at the time, “How ridiculous is that; of course I’m not! I just want my kids to have some fun.” I was completely oblivious to the fact that the supernatural world was real and incredibly dangerous.

Around this same time, I would glance at my daily horoscope in the newspaper or magazine just to check it out, in case it proved true and to have a good laugh. I then began to see a medium who could tell me all about my (dead) family by holding an item of mine like a watch or a ring. I even went to see a famous American psychic who was visiting Australia at the time and I was willing to fly interstate to do so. I spent a lot of money to do this and took my daughter with me. I shudder to think about all of this when I look back at how much I was hooked into this lifestyle and the resultant influence it had on me and those around me. Almost everything I did seemed to involve the dark side. The interest kept growing.

Even the gifts I gave to others for Christmas and birthdays consisted of witchcraft books and other books and movies based on the occult. I considered buying my son a voodoo doll but could not quite bring myself to do it. I tried to convince myself that it was just harmless fun sticking pins and needles into a doll that was meant to represent someone on whom you wanted revenge. One of Satan’s ploys is to influence our thoughts by the use of wrong humor and Paul admonishes us to take no part in it (Ephesians 5:4).

Sometime after this, I became very ill and could not work regularly. Debt started to mount up until I was drowning in it. Watching the news on TV each night depressed me. I started to think about my life and how much I hated how the world was and realized that I was living a life full of wrong choices.

I had stooped quite low. I had virtually hit rock bottom. I felt really trapped and did not know how to change my life. I couldn’t even enjoy restful sleep; my dreams were troubled. So, one night in the middle of the night I talked to God and said I had had enough and that the world was not for me because I hated everything about it. I wasn’t even sure He would listen to me and didn’t expect any answer.

Walking towards the light

God, however, did indeed hear my heartfelt outburst and shortly after, on November 14, 2006, my calling came.

With hindsight and God’s help, I can now recognize where and how things went wrong in my life. I cannot even contemplate the idea of watching a show like Twilight, Dracula, or any crime or revenge show on TV or shows involving sorcery or witchcraft like Harry Potter are out of the question. I wish I could tell everyone that these shows are designed specifically to fascinate children, teenagers. and others who are curious or cannot see past the fiction presented in them.

Satan is an expert at deceiving people and pulling them toward darkness and there is no way you can get involved with him without paying a price. What may seem naïve or childish may easily become the planted seeds that make the demonic or abnormal appear normal or acceptable. Satan is the master controller and entices each and every one of us with empty lies (John 8:44).

Valuable lessons learned

I love how God heard my prayers even when I wasn’t yet a Christian. I am so thankful to God for rescuing me from the bondage I was in. I love how God uses the weakest of the weak; those who are foolish (1 Corinthians 1:27).

If anyone is contemplating seeing a psychic, this is what God is telling you. “Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God” (Leviticus 19:31). Instead, God speaks to us through the apostle Paul in Galatians to urge us to walk in the Spirit and compares the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) with the works of the flesh, which include idolatry and sorcery (Galatians 5:16-21).

My satanic experiences left me empty, damaged, and broken to the point I wanted to die. God has created us and put us on the earth purposefully and we are certainly not meant to dabble with the demonic world. It is a highly addictive world. It may initially seem quite harmless, but it builds from there until it takes control of your life.

Satan will do whatever it takes to entice you. If you like your horror wrapped with relationships, he will give it to you. If you enjoy the special effects in movies, then he will make sure you see it. He will tailor anything to your individual interests, tastes, and weaknesses.

We need to learn to trust God when He tells us to come out of the sinful ways of the world (Revelation 18:4). He knows what is best for us. If our father or mother tells us not to touch the hot stove, it is for a reason—to not get burned. Similarly, God does not want us damaged and defiled by a fallen angel who rebelled against Him (Ezekiel 28:11-17). Even though I thought I knew a lot about Satan, I now can see that I was a complete novice and really had no idea with whom or what I was involved.

Remember what God has to say about this. “Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, think on these things” (Philippians 4:8, Webster’s Bible Translation).

The devil is ramping things up as he knows he only has a short time left (Revelation 12:12). The people he wants the most are those of the faith (Revelation 12:10). If he can entice you, then that is one more he has taken away from God (1 Peter 5:8). Only God alone is worthy of worship (Isaiah 37:16). Choose your path wisely.

If you want to learn more about Satan's tactics, read online or request the free Bible study aid Is There Really a Devil?