Beyond Today Bible Commentary: Deuteronomy

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Table of Contents

Israel's refusal to obey God's prior command to enter Canaan

Years of wandering in the wilderness, defeat of King Sihon

Og's defeat, east of the Jordan, Moses forbidden to enter land

Moses exhorts obedience, cities of refuge east of Jordan

Review of God's commandments and the people's reaction

The great commandment, teach law to children, don't disobey

A chosen people, obedience to be rewarded

Be careful to not forget God

Review of Israel's rebellions

The second set of tablets, God requires obedience for our good

Blessing for obedience and curse for disobedience

Specific place for worship, no pagan customs in worshiping God

Punishment for attempting to entice others into idolatry

No pagan rituals, clean and unclean meat, second and third tithe

Year of release, the poor, freeing slaves, firstborn animals

Early spring, late spring, and fall Festivals, Holy Day offerings

Administration of justice, rules concerning kings

Levitical portion, no occultism, the Prophet and false prophets

Cities of refuge, law concerning witnesses

Unsolved murder, women captives, birthright, rebellious sons

Various laws, sexual morality laws

Laws of congregational acceptance, miscellaneous laws

Law of divorce, various laws

Levirite marriage, other laws, must later destroy the Amalekites

Firstfruits, third tithe, God's special people

Law to be inscribed on stone walls, curses from Mount Ebal

Blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience

God's covenant with Israel in Moab

Restoration of Israel, choice of life or death

Joshua now leader, law to be read every seven years, writing the Song of Moses and placement of the Book of the Law

Moses ordered to Mount Nebo, prophetic blessings on the tribes