Does Matthew 23: 10 forbid the use of "Mr." when addressing the ministry?

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Does Matthew 23

10 forbid the use of "Mr." when addressing the ministry?

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"Neither be called masters," is what the KJV says in Matthew:23:10. Since "Mr." is but an abbreviation for "master," some have questioned the use of this title. The Greek word translated "master" in the KJV is kathegetes. According to the commentaries, Vine's and Strongs, kathegetes means "a guide," such as a teacher. So, Jesus was not referring to the present-day custom of using the titles "Mr." and "Mrs." as a demonstration of courteous respect.

It is certainly true that these titles are used much less in business dealings today than what was customary in previous generations. Nonetheless, it is also true that using these simple titles is still regarded as a means of showing courteous respect in our Western culture. It is generally considered polite to refer to men and women who are years our senior as Mr. or Mrs. out of respect.

We have typically used the title "Mr." when addressing or referring to one of our elders in a public or official situation, not as a means of elevating him unduly, but in respect for the office that he holds. There are, of course, casual situations in friendships when the use of this formal title is unnecessary.

The heart of Christ's instructions in Matthew 23 was His criticism of the Pharisees for their lack of the attitude of a servant. That is to say, His focus was not so much on the use of a specific title, but rather on the attitude of mind. Paraphrasing His instruction, "servants must have a servant's attitude." Whatever their responsibility, however they are addressed by others, they must have the heart of a servant. UN

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