What happens to people when they die?

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What happens to people when they die?

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The Bible clearly shows us that individuals who have died are resting in peace in their graves until the time of a resurrection (John 5:28; Ecclesiastes 9:5). Paul, in 1 Corinthians 15, explains in detail how the dead will be resurrected from their graves. The Bible does not say we go to heaven when we die (John 3:13), nor does it say that God will punish sinners forever in a hell fire. These beliefs come from the false concept of an immortal soul, as well as a misunderstanding of Jesus' teachings about our reward, and how some will be punished.

Jesus was in His grave for three days and three nights and then received life again when His Father resurrected Him. This is also what happens to all individuals who die. The dead await the time of the resurrection when they will be given life once again (Daniel 12:2).

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