What is the meaning of the hundred years mentioned in Isaiah 65: 20?

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What is the meaning of the hundred years mentioned in Isaiah 65


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The setting of Isaiah 65 is a prophecy about the time when the Kingdom of God will govern the entire world. The book of Revelation complements many Old Testament prophecies, including this one. Revelation 20:5 tells us that there will be a resurrection after the first 1,000 years of Christ's reign. Verses 11-13 add more detail, explaining that God will bring people who were not called to salvation during their initial lifetime back to life again.

In the Church of God, we often refer to this time as the Great White Throne Judgment, because of the description of God's throne in these verses. How long is this period? These verses in Revelation do not tell us. Instead, they focus on the purpose for it—to give everyone an opportunity to respond to God's calling and to live the Christian way of life.

Some have said that God intends to show us through Isaiah 65:20, where the phrase "one hundred years" appears twice, that this time frame is 100 years. That may be the case, or it may be a way to emphasize the same principle given in Revelation 20. That is, the people will have the time that they need to respond to God's calling and live the Christian way of life. "One hundred years" may be a way of making that point, rather than a literal prophecy.

Due to the limited evidence available, the Church cannot say with certainty that this will be a total of 100 years. There are different alternatives for interpreting this verse, while maintaining the teaching of three resurrections. The following is an excerpt from our "Resurrections" study paper.

1. The Great White Throne Judgment will last for 100 years. The Church of God has taught that this will be a testing period of 100 years, during which billions of children and adults would have an opportunity to inherit eternal life. Therefore the death of the "sinner being one hundred years old" has been considered to be the second death. God certainly could do things this way if He so chooses.

2. Life spans will exceed 100 years during the Great White Throne Judgment. This verse certainly conveys a time of longevity, though not necessarily an exact "one hundred years." Isaiah 65:20 says, "No more shall an infant [uwl, 'suckling'] from there live but a few days... For the child [naar, 'young, youth, young man'] shall die one hundred years old" (Enhanced Strong's Lexicon, Logos Research Systems, Inc., 1995). This could be describing pre-Flood-type conditions where 100 years are a small portion of one's life. If so, then those who are only 100 years old will be considered a "child, youth" or "young man" at 100 years old. And to die at this age would be analogous to a premature death.

3. Isaiah 65:20 describes a time during the Millennium. If so, then this would provide plenty of time for the pre-Flood-type extended life spans (see above). Under this scenario, one might expect the same type of life spans during the Great White Throne Judgment time period.

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  • Tammy jablonski

    I've always thought isiaih65 meant if you die a100 years old like a child referred to the scriptures that say unless we are like a child meaning good, pure at heart, having complete faith , that group after having 100 years to learn and accept jesus as our king. And the sinner is simply accursed meaning done away with because that group did not accept jesus during their hundred years???

  • AmbassadorMiller

    This question came up recently and I found this post in searching for an answer. It seems clear to me after reading Isa 65:20-26 that option 1 is out of the question and option 2 is closer to home. The 100yrs certainly isn't a maximum, and it doesn't seem from this passage to be talking about a set number of years at all. If anything 100yrs is a minimum. Reading this passage in the AMP is helpful. As was mentioned, It seems to be painting a picture of pre-flood like conditions, with the nature of carnivorous animals being changed and the lifespan of Gods people being compared to the lifespan of a tree.

  • Wanda812

    This passage is not referring to a second chance of people who have died without Christ to live as Christians. That is incorrect and false teaching I'm sorry I do not want to offend anyone but that is not correct. This article makes reference to the book of Revelation chapter 20 verse five and then it talks about chapter 20 verse 11 and 12 . 11 and 12 says then I saw a great white throne and in him who sat on it from whose Face the earth and heaven flat away. And there was no place for them. And I saw the dad small and great, standing before God, and books were open. And another book was open, which is the book of life. And the dad were judged according to the works, by the things which were written in the books. The sea gave up the dad who are in it, and death and Hades delivered up The dad who were in them. And they were Josh each according to his works. Then death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. Verse 15 and anyone not found written in the book of life with cast into the lake of fire. They are resurrected to get cast into the lake of fire not to live as a Christians that is a false teaching. If you don't get it the first time your toast

  • DanielSnedden

    I have a question regarding the timing of the time Satan is loosed at the end of the 1,000 years. Will the 2nd resurrection take place before Armageddon? If so then do all of those who were not in the 1st resurrection or lived during the Millennium have their opportunity but with Satan's influence as before the Millennium?

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Daniel,
    The 2nd resurrection does not take place until the millennium is over.
    (You tell me where God's Word indicates this. Look at Rev 20.)
    And Armageddon, the gathering of the armies at the plain of Meggido,
    for the final assault on the camp of the saints (and Jesus Christ!)
    takes place before the Millennium .
    After it, peace (and Christ) can reign.

    Makes sense, doesn't it?

  • DanielSnedden

    I have a question regarding the timing of the time Satan is loosed at the end of the 1,000 years. Will the 2nd resurrection take place before Armageddon? If so then do all of those who were not in the 1st resurrection or lived during the Millennium have their opportunity but with Satan's influence as before the Millennium?

  • beteille
    Hi, I think this interpretation is very interesting. I do want to believe that people will get a second bite of the apple. It would be great to think that a person who couldn't quite accept Jesus would some day be resurrected into a long stay on earth. And it would be fantastic to believe they would have an opportunity at that time to make the right decision. However, I do not believe there is a second chance at Salvation. There is no second bite of the apple. I believe the people mentioned here are God's chosen people and they are living in the new Jerusalem. The time period is after the creation of the new heavens and the new earth. I agree that is the time when Satan will be unbound and the dead who were not resurrected will be bought back and the new city of Jerusalem will descend to earth. We know there will be a war and of course Satan and his minions will lose and Satan will be tossed into the Lake of Fire. But then what? Will there be no death for those who remain and will they do nothing but sit around and sing praises to the Lord all day and night? The Lord does not always give us our wishes. After all, the Jews wanted Christ to come and be their earthly King. We all know how that turned out. And we know the consequences to the Jews for not listening closely to the words of the prophets. I think we need to take Isaiah at his word. God's people will not die at birth and they will live a long life in the new Heaven and a new Earth. That is what will happen. Now, will they experience the same kind of transition into the kind of "death" we experience today? I do not think so. Christ came to conquer that kind of "death". That kind of death will be no more. So, what will happen when the people in their new bodies transition from a life in which a 100 year old man is just starting out in life? I do not know and this chapter of Isaiah does not get into that. That is fine. I can wait for the answer. Maybe I will find it someplace else in the bible or maybe I will just have to experience it. Call me strange, but I have never been happy with the Hollywood version of heaven. I do not like the idea of floating on a cloud and looking like an angel for the rest of eternity. I like life. I like to achieve things and experience God's creation. Yours In Christ Bill Beteille
  • Tammy jablonski

    Remember it was God who created us and put us in families and taught us to love .it was God who gave us the ability to enjoy his creation. And it is God who promises us eyes have not seen nor ears have heard the rewards we have coming to those who believe!!!! God has amazing things in store for us!!! It says we shall build our own homes and so fourth!!!

  • ElvenAndi

    That's what I was thinking as well. I believe this is in the New Earth. I came here to find out if this meant that there was to be death in the New Earth, which seems contrary to everything I know.
    Thanks for sharing this comment. :)

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