Jesus Christ: Saved By His Life

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The central series of events for the Christian faith is the story of Jesus Christ.

Two men ran through the streets of the city, trying to see if it was true.

After the sudden arrest, illegal trial, conviction and crucifixion of Jesus, His disciples were in shock. Everything they knew was turned upside down—their Master dead, their fellowship in hiding and their hopes crushed. Their time of rejoicing was at an end, and a funereal fog descended on the earliest disciples.

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the key historical and spiritual reality for a Christian.

Have you looked into that tomb and considered what it means? Have you seen that Christ has indeed risen from the dead? Have you allowed your life and your thinking to be transformed by this event?

Mainstream Christian tradition holds that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and resurrected on Easter Sunday.

There is a site in Jerusalem called the Garden Tomb. Years ago some proposed it as the tomb where Jesus was laid after His death. Further study has proven this to not be the case.

Paul's statement that "we shall be saved by His life" in Romans 5:10 is something we should understand.

This life is filled with challenges. Sometimes these challenges will push us to our very limits—physically, emotionally and spiritually.