Sunset to Sunset: God's Sabbath Rest

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Introduction: Sunset to Sunset, God's Sabbath Rest

Too many of us live at a frantic pace, trying desperately to stay on top of everything we need to get done. It's no wonder we feel out of touch with our spouses, our families and even our Creator. But did you know that God offers a little-understood remedy for our hurried and harried lives?

The Sabbath: In the Beginning

How and why did the Sabbath day originate? Who created it, and when? When is the Sabbath to be observed, and does it matter? Who is expected to keep it?

When Is the Sabbath Day to Be Kept?

The Sabbath begins Friday evening at sunset and ends Saturday evening at sunset.

Which Day Is the Sabbath?

Which day is the Sabbath - Saturday or Sunday?

Names for Saturday in Many Languages Prove Which Day Is the True Sabbath

Which day of the week is the biblical Sabbath? It is clear from the names for the seventh day of the week, Saturday, in many languages.

Jesus Christ and the Sabbath

How did Jesus Christ view the Sabbath day?

Just What is Legalism?

To obey God's biblical commands in a proper attitude, such as His command to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, is not legalism.

Was the Sabbath Changed in the New Testament?

The Gospels reveal that Jesus observed the Sabbath day and showed the true purpose and intent of the Sabbath commandment.

Was Sunday the New Testament Day of Worship?

No where in the New Testament does it show the day of rest - the Sabbath - being moved to Sunday.

Was God's Law Abolished in the New Testament?

The Bible clearly shows that God's law was not abolished in the New Testament.

Why is the Sabbath Commandment Not Repeated in the New Testament?

Jesus Christ and the apostles lived and taught in a Sabbath-keeping society.

Surprising Admissions About the Sabbath and Sunday

Leaders and authorities from many religious denominations candidly acknowledge that Saturday is the biblical Sabbath day and that there is no biblical basis for Sunday observance.

"There Remains a Sabbath-Rest for the People of God"

The book of Hebrews weaves together three themes of rest: the rest promised to Israel from enemies, the weekly Sabbath, and the spiritual rest through Christ.

The Sabbath in the Age to Come

God created the Sabbath for mankind and there will yet come a time when all mankind will keep God's Sabbath.

A Sign of God's People

Those who keep holy His Sabbath day—the only day of the week God has ever set apart—proclaim, by their actions, their acceptance of Him as the supreme authority over how they should live, think and worship.

God's Sabbath in Today's World

Is the Sabbath relevant in our modern world? Is it really practical to try to keep the Sabbath today? If so, how should we observe it?

What is True Worship?

True worship of God honors God's commands concerning the Sabbath.

Our Appointment With God

God says His Sabbath is a divine appointment that He commands His people to keep through their gathering before Him with other believers.

A Test for You?

Will you pass the test? Are you willing to surrender a portion of your time to build the kind of relationship God wants to enjoy with you?